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Data Science in Australia: Universities, Fees, Job Roles & More

May 22, 2024

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Data is the oil of this 21st century.’ Think about it – how our lives are practically run by smartphones and the internet nowadays. From the early days of bulky computers that could barely do more than simple math to the world of Artificial Intelligence that is gearing up to do, well, pretty much anything, it is clear that mankind has come a long way. Keeping this evolution in mind, it is no wonder why students of today are eyeing to pursue a Master's in Science with a focus on Data Science. 

When it comes to finding the right study destination for this cutting-edge discipline, Australia is the option that pops up in the minds of study-abroad aspirants. Now you will probably have questions like – why study in Australia, or why pursue data science in Australia or what are the career pathways thereafter, so on and so forth. Well then, you have landed on the right webpage as we are here to let you know everything from top Australian Universities to Career Prospects relating to this sought-after course option. So, grab a snack, get comfy, and let us start the data science discovery! 

Table of Content 

  1. Why Study Data Science in Australia?
  2. Top Australian Universities for MS in Data Science
  3. Popular Job Roles after MS in Data Science

Why Study Data Science in Australia?

From universities to job prospects, let us list down some of the reasons to opt for data learning in Australia,

  1. 8 Australian Universities rank in the World’s Top 100 as per QS World Ranking 2024, especially for Data Science Subject Rankings.
  2. Studying MS in Data Science in Australia doesn't just mean getting a world-class education; it is also surprisingly very affordable when compared to other top study destinations around the globe
  3. As the universities are on point for masters in Australia where international students learn and grow, the country also relatively becomes home to a growing tech ecosystem that creates a high demand for data science professionals.
  4. Here is another fact – As per various reports on the internet, Data Science graduates in Australia earn three times the national average. In fact, in a recent survey conducted by the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia – IAPA, they can earn somewhere around $300,000 per year at the top level! 
  5. For a course like MS in Data Science, a post-study work visa in Australia extends up to 5 years as this is a research-related course but it also depends on the location you choose. This gives international students a chance to stay in this technically advanced country and gain work experience in a competitive market after their studies.
  6. From Government-funded to University-based, there are ample scholarships in Australia for international students

These are just a few reasons to start your Data science journey from the Kangaroo land. Remember there is an ocean full of possibilities waiting for you in Australia. Let us check out some of the top Australian universities where you can turn your data dream into reality.

Top Australian Universities for MS in Data Science

The following is the list of all top-ranked Australian Universities with Intakes and yearly tuition fees to help you make an informed decision about Data Science higher education,

UniversityIntake PeriodYearly Tuition Fees


University of New South Wales



AU$ 47240


University of Queensland


AU$ 51200


Monash University


AU$ 42400



University of Adelaide



AU$ 48500


University of Western Australia


AU$ 43800



Deakin University



AU$ 39800


RMIT University


AU$ 38400


Macquarie University


AU$ 42600


To ensure a successful application to these top Australian universities for an MS in Data Science, students should start their application process at least 12-18 months in advance. This timeline allows sufficient time for gathering necessary documents, taking any required standardized tests (like the IELTS or TOEFL), securing letters of recommendation, and preparing a strong statement of purpose. Additionally, this advance planning helps in meeting application deadlines and ensures enough time for visa processing and arranging accommodation.

Popular Job Roles after MS in Data Science 

While doing any master’s degree, why does one pick up a specialization? Well because of the job opportunities associated with that program. Let us list down some of the top job titles you could land with an MS in Data Science from Australia.

Job RolesAverage Salary in US Dollars
Chief Data Office (CDO)$180,458
Chief Technology Officer(CTO)$159,149
Data Architect$116,710
Application Architect$112,871
Machine Learning Engineer$110,739
Data Analyst$60,208

To wrap it up, the numbers speak volumes. Have you seen the return on investment when comparing the tuition fees with the average salaries post-study? It is exceeding 100%! Also, with options like scholarships, grants, and loans, financial hurdles won’t hold you back. 

So go ahead, follow your data-driven dream in the land down under and for any guidance along the way, consider KC Overseas Education as your usher. Because KC isn’t just making the dreams come true of aspirants from bigger Indian cities, in fact, we are one of the best in Tier 2 cities as well. Whether you are looking for study abroad consultants in AmravatiNagpur, Raipur, or any other such locations in Maharashtra or other states of India, KC has a presence everywhere ensuring that quality higher education abroad is within everyone's reach.

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