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Study Project Management in the UK to Unlock a Bright Future

Apr 25, 2023

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Project management requires completing a work or project within set parameters and a definite timespan. In order for a project to be truly successful, it needs an efficient project manager, who is driven to motivate other people to get the work done within time based on their clear guidelines. 

Sometimes project management is interchangeably used with general management. General is an ongoing process and is more reliant on machine-oriented resources whereas project management lays more emphasis on utilising human resources. So, if you are a go-getter kind of person and likes to take up challenging tasks that get completed as per your plans, then project management might be the ideal job profile for you. And to make your career in this field a success, study in the UK, which is the home to some of the best universities offering project management courses.

Project Management combines completing projects with a certain number of skills as well as setting corporate objectives that will further help in the growth of the company. This key factor differentiates project management from just general management which is a constantly ongoing process. The practices of project management are immensely important everywhere, from major corporations, technical business and engineering firms. So, to make your career in this field a success, study in the UK, which is the home to some of the best universities offering project management courses.

Course Structure for Project Management in the UK

A project management course in the UK is structured in a manner so that graduates from various fields can avail of it and the skills learnt through studying this course are transferable to a wide variety of industries- engineering, healthcare, information technology, events, public sectors and logistics. So, graduates who are inclined on developing further in-depth knowledge and critical understanding of key aspects of project management can reap benefits. The course emphasises on building key project management skills that will enable students to survive and thrive in a competitive industry.

A MSc program in project management also helps students to get a comprehensive understanding of how to manage complex projects, innovation, risks, develop leadership, apply advanced project and management practices. Some subjects that will be likely covered are as follows:

  • Project and research methods
  • People and organisations
  • Management of projects
  • People planning and control
  • Applied project management

Why Should You Opt for Project Management Course in the UK

Pursuing a project management course in the UK is a viable idea because more and more freshers are getting hired by companies post completion of their masters in the UK. The UK is a wonderful country for your higher studies, providing premium quality education in the project management field. Here are some top reasons why you should opt to study in UK:

  • Endless Opportunities

If you start your professional career in the UK, you are off to a bright start. Not only are opportunities in plenty but the pay is attractive as well. As per the Association for Project Management’s (APM) Salary and Market Trends Survey 2022, the average income of a person working in the field of project management is around GBP 47,500.  Some top multinational corporation companies that promise great packages, a dynamic work culture and the perfect place to apply your skills are IBM, Jaguar, Fujitsu, BAE Systems, Rolls Royce, Accenture, NHS, Santander, UBS, etc. 

  • Many Scholarships on Offer

Since the UK is a hot spot when it comes to many master’s programs, interested students can explore a number of financial aid services such as scholarships and grants that can greatly cover the cost of course fees. To reap the benefits of scholarships or grants, the students need to have eligibility criteria and they also need to apply in advance.

Top Universities for Project Management in the UK

Some of the best universities in the world featuring consistently in world rankings are situated in the UK and offer quality education to international students. Such universities are sought after for their excellent infrastructure and experienced faculty offering the best possible lectures.

There are many universities in the UK that offer a MSC in project management program but below we have listed top 4 universities in the UK that you can decide from, in no particular order:

  • University of Bristol

The program offered at University of Bristol is intensive and spans over one year. A student coming from any education background can easily pursue this course. You are not required to have any relevant professional experiences such as in management or business. The course will be especially beneficial to students pursuing management careers in engineering, consultancy, construction, ICT, product development, or not-for-profit sectors. But this is not a prerequisite for all. 

The annual fees to study project management in University of Bristol is around GBP 30,000.

  •  University of Southampton

This is a premier institute located in the UK, renowned for cutting-edge educational models. The project management program at University of Southampton provides a flexible decision-making module where students can take part in and develop their knowledge about content that is not included in any other project management program in the UK.

The annual course fees to study project management in the UK at the University of Southampton is around GBP      27,932.

  • University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool School is a unique group of institutions that holds the gold standard ‘triple crown’ accreditation from reputed organisations.

The project management course has been designed in a way so as to equip students to grasp both theoretical fundamentals along with critical skills that may be necessary for an entry into a project management career. The program introduces students to terminologies, core theory and tools necessary for any project management activity. This will be further reinforced by other core modules such as risk, uncertainty, monitoring, controlling and leadership requirements both spearheading small or large projects.

The annual cost to study at the University of Liverpool in a project management course is GBP 26,000

  • Lancaster University

Lancaster university, founded in 1964 by the Royal Charter, is a university specialising in research. Graduates hailing from a multiplicity of subject backgrounds can fulfil their dream of studying project management courses here. The program has been outlined here in such a way that it begins with an overview of management before delving deep into the theoretical aspects and application of one particular management discipline. After completing their course here, students can develop skills that are required for a project management role.

The approximate annual fees to study project management at Lancaster University is GBP 26500 

Eligibility Criteria to Pursue the Course

In order to apply for project management masters in UK program, you need to have the following qualifications:

· English proficiency test results such as that of IELTS or TOEFL

· A 2: 1 (equivalent of 60- 70%) or a 2:2 (equivalent of 55-60% of results at the undergraduate level

· A bachelor’s degree in science, engineering or a management discipline will be an added bonus, however students from any background can apply for the course. 

Applications Requirements

Now that we have given you an idea about the eligibility, here are some documents that you are required to furnish at the time of application:

· Two letters of recommendation coming from your teachers or professors on the official letterhead along with contact details of the referee

· Official transcripts

· Provisional degree certification from your university verifying that your undergraduate average marks are authentic and accurate

· A resume or a CV in case you have any previous work experience

· A statement of purpose

Admission Process

Across all universities the admission procedure is more or less the same with slight modifications. Here are some of the steps you need to follow:

·  Shortlist some universities you like and where the project management course is being offered

·  Check the official website of each university to see if you match the eligibility requirements

·  Read thoroughly the documents and permits that you will need to submit

·  Complete the application form, upload all your supporting documents and pay the application cost

·  Once you have uploaded everything, double-check everything and hit submit application

·  Once your application is accepted, you can log into the portal

·  After some weeks, the university will contact you by sending you an Unconditional offer letter if you meet their requirements

·  With this letter, you can proceed to apply for the CAS and other Visa formalities.



From this overview given above about what you can expect if you are thinking about studying project management in the UK, it can be understood that proper planning is necessary to ensure that you can move ahead with your application smoothly. If stress, doubt and anxiety about managing your application come along the way, you may reach out to the professionals. KC Overseas is one of the top 10 study abroad consultants in India guiding and helping students achieve their dream for years now. Fulfil your goal of studying project management in the UK with an expert EdTech consultant.

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