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Study in Australia’s Queensland University of Technology to Fuel Your Sports Dream!

Jun 06, 2024

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In 2024, sports are becoming increasingly popular, with today's generation avidly following games like Cricket, Football, Formula One, and whatnot. So, the demand for sports careers, from nutritionists to physiotherapists to sports managers, is on the high rise. International students are drawn to earning degrees in these fields, and what better place to start than Australia – A country renowned for its involvement in almost all major sports.

The Kangaroo Land has become home to hundreds of thousands of international students for its high-quality education in Nursing, Medicine, and Sports studies. And if you see the list of universities in Australia, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has always caught the eye of the aspirants, especially for its sports-related undergraduate courses. Let us move ahead in this article and learn about how sports-related undergraduate courses here at QUT are considered some of the best in the world..

Table of Content 

  1. About Queensland University of Technology
  2. Rankings and Recognitions
  3. Top Exercise and Nutrition Sciences Bachelor Programs at QUT 

About Queensland University of Technology

A young and ambitious university with 50,000 international students requires a real-world infrastructure with great learning and teaching techniques, right? With its excellent facilities and expert faculty, studying not only Sports-Related Courses but also other major courses at the Queensland University of Technology promises an international experience like never before. And for those looking for a successful career in the sports industry, QUT is a big playground! QUT is also well-known for its well-built links with the government and major industries which gives the students a strong edge for their careers. Located in the heart of Brisbane, at QUT you will be sharing cultures with students from more than 119 countries.

Rankings and Recognitions

The university's dedication to its sports studies has gained international recognition, positioning it as a top choice for degree study in Australia. Additionally, QUT's commitment to innovation and excellence has earned it several prestigious accolades. Some of the important ones are listed below:

  • QUT is Ranked 12th Globally for Sports Science in the Shanghai Rankings 2023.
  • Ranked 15th Best Australian University in the QS World University Ranking 2024.
  • Recognized among the Top 200 Universities Globally in the QS World University Ranking 2024.
  • Listed among the Top 30 Youngest Universities Worldwide by Times Higher Education.
  • Ranked among the Top 50 Globally for Health & Well-Being in the QSWR 2024.
  • Recognized for its contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, highlighting its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

These are just a few of the rankings of QUT, the university has earned many more accolades in various subjects and categories as well. As this article focuses on Sports Science Programs, let us list down some of the Popular Bachelor's Programs in this field that are recognized worldwide for their credibility among students planning to study abroad.

Top Exercise and Nutrition Sciences Bachelor Programs at QUT

The following table shows the Top Four Bachelor’s Programs in the Sports Science Field which will pave the way for a better future in the sports field ahead in future.

Program NameAbout the ProgramDuration (Full time)
Bachelor of Clinical Exercise PhysiotherapyLearn to deliver personalized exercise plans and gain 500 hours of hands-on training4 Years
Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Honours)Gain practical experience alongside Industry Experts at QUT Health Clinics4 Years
Bachelor of Sports and Exercise ScienceComplete 280 hours of professional placement and become a Sports or Exercise Scientist 3 Years
Bachelor of Nutrition ScienceA flexible course with real-life projects and collaborative learning for improved health outcomes3 Years

Among these options, the Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science holds accreditation from Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA) - a reputable Australian organization with 11,000 members. This program offers international students the opportunity to undergo professional placement, enabling them to turn their passion for sports and exercise into a fulfilling career at this prestigious university.

In addition to these accredited bachelor’s courses in exercise and nutrition science to study in Australia, for international students, there are various other courses available in health disciplines such as Biomedical Sciences, Clinical Sciences, Nursing, Optometry and Vision Science, Psychology and Counseling, and Public Health and Social Work as well. 

In conclusion, the Queensland University of Technology is not only known for its health and sciences courses, but the QUT has also made its name worldwide for all major study areas of Business and Management, Engineering, Information Technology, etc. Its motto – ‘The University for the Real World’ provides strong proof of this fact. No wonder why 50,000 international students call this university - the temple of knowledge. 

When planning to gain admission to this highly-ranked university, consider taking guidance from Australia Experts at KC Overseas Education. From your application and test preparation to handling your student Visa Australia process, they make sure that your dream becomes a reality!

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