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Supply Chain Management in Canada

Sep 25, 2023

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Planning, sourcing, manufacturing, delivering and returning - these are the five core principles driving supply chain management across industries in the world. Globally, it is believed that the supply chain management industry will reach an estimated value of $8.95 billion dollars by the end of 2024. This means that there will be a huge demand for supply chain managers and professionals.

If you feel motivated by making the flow of deliverables more efficient and want to enjoy a secure future in one of the most hospitable countries in the world, then opting for supply chain management in Canada will be the best choice for you.

Why Study Supply Chain Management in Canada?

If you are planning to study in Canada with a master's in supply chain management, you are likely to find this course offered as an MBA, MS or MiM (master’s in management). Listed are some reasons why students feel compelled to pursue this course in Canada:

  • Plenty of employment opportunities
    Jobs in the SCM sector might vary in Canada depending on a number of factors. Once the course is complete, you can find ready employment in many industries. The management of the supply chain is essential to the operation of the company. Supply Chain Management is a crucial value-adding process because it entails supervising the entire supply chain. This includes both domestic and international supply chain roles with a salary of around 45,000 CAD every year for an entry-level professional.. Supply Chain Planner, Logistics Planner, Distribution Manager, Operations Manager, Load Planner, Inventory Manager, and Purchase Agent are some of the job profiles one can consider.
  • Booming industry
    The supply chain sector employs approximately 7,60,000 workers every year from different industries. As per the 2019 Annual Survey conducted by Canadian Supply Chain Professionals, Canada has demonstrated consistent growth in supply chain management. It is said that in around 5 years’ time, the country will have 3,50,000 openings in this sector.
  • Work while studying
    Students in Canada are eligible to work full-time alongside their studies for upto 20 hours a week. Having work experience in Canada makes it even easier to find a promising job once the degree is complete.

Overview of Supply Chain Management in Canada

From affordable tuition fees to the best universities, to career options post your degree, below is a table giving you an overview of all things related to studying in Canada in the domain of supply chain management.

Course Supply Chain Management 
Annual Tuition Fees 23,000 CAD-47,000 CAD per year

·    GPA- 3.0

·    GRE/GMAT-minimum 550

·    TOEFL- minimum 79

·    IELTS- 6.5

·    Letter of Recommendation

·    Updated CV

·    Statement of Purpose

·    Work Experience

·    Interview

·    School leaving certificate or bachelor’s degree

Programs Offered

·    MSc Global Supply Chain Management

·    Master of Supply Chain Management

·    MSc Supply Chain Management

·    Master of Management Logistics and Supply Chain Management

·    MBA with Specialisation in Supply Chain Management

·    Master of Management-Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Top Universities

·    McGill University

·    HEC Montreal

·    Concordia University

·    University of Manitoba

·    Schulich School of Business, York University

·    University of Toronto

·    Laval University

·    University of Toronto

·    University of Windsor

·    University of Winnipeg

Scholarships in Canada

·    BrokerFish International Student Scholarship in Canada

·    American Association for University Women-International Fellowships

·    Scotiabank International Partner Entrance Scholarships

·    NTR Videshi Vidyadharana Overseas Scholarship

·    Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) Dick Martin Scholarship Award

Career Options

·    Distribution manager

·    Business consultant

·    Operations manager

·    Inventory manager

·    Brand manager

·    Logistics analyst

·    Purchase planner

·    Procurement analyst

·    Data analyst

·    Purchase agent

·    Loan planner

·    Supply chain planner

Admissions for Supply Chain Management in Canada

The first step towards taking admission in supply chain management in Canada is making a list of colleges or universities that offer the program. The admission procedure for this entails the following:

  • The student has to check whether he/she meets the requirements of the programs he/she is applying to.
  • He/she has to appear for a language proficiency test when needed.
  • Application along with relevant academic transcripts and documents will need to be submitted.
  • When the letter is received, the student needs to apply for a permit.

Eligibility for Supply Chain Management in Canada

In order to study in Canada in supply chain management, a student has to fulfil a number of requirements in order to be deemed eligible. Some of these requirements can be academic in general and sometimes, they can be institution specific. Overall, some of the most basic requirements are below:

  • Submit relevant documents acting as proof of completing senior secondary school with good overall scores and scores specifically in the English subject.
  • Proof of language proficiency which can vary from university to university.
  • Additional documents like letter of recommendation and letter of intent
  • Bachelor’s degree required for post-graduate courses.
  • Work experience when applying for MBA programs such as supply chain management.

Fees to Study Supply Chain Management in Canada

The fees for studying supply chain management in colleges and universities of Canada can vary. For example, in Canadian universities, a PG Diploma is a 1-2 year programme that gives students the option to combine two one-year courses to specialise in a specific area of study. Studying for a postgraduate diploma in Canada costs between 15,000 and 25,000 CAD (9 lakh to 15 lakh INR), which is quite affordable with respect to studying abroad. Here are some other courses in Canada and their fees:

  • Master’s in business administration (supply chain management)- 57,000 CAD for two years.
  • Diploma in Supply Chain and Operations Management (McGill University)- 5,695 CAD per one 3-credit course.
  • Certificate Course in Supply Chain Management and Logistics (McGill University)- 3,369 CAD.
  • Advanced Diploma in Business Administration- Supply Chain and Operations Management (George Brown College)- 15,190 CAD for two semesters.


Pursuing a course in Supply Chain Management in Canada is a great choice due to the abundant employment opportunities and flexibility with respect to course duration offered by many universities in Canada. There is a high probability that you can stay back in Canada with a well-paying and stable job that will ensure a secure future for you and your loved ones. If you need guidance with respect to university selection or admission procedures, you can get in touch with KC Overseas, one of the top overseas education consultants in India guiding students for years with their expertise in the field.


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