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Test Prep Tips from ACT Experts

Nov 07, 2022

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American College Testing (ACT) is a computer-based national standardized entrance exam for high school students. The test is a measurement of the aptitude and critical thinking of a student willing to get admission to colleges and universities in the USA. 

ACT is a multiple-choice test and is administered by ACT Inc., USA. The ACT results are reviewed by colleges and universities in the United States while admitting students to schools. Therefore, performing well on the ACT is a key component to your future.


ACT Test Registration

You can either register for the exam online or via post. Registering online is easier and more efficient. However, students below the age of 13 who do not wish to pay by credit card can register via postal mail. The general cost to take the exam, excluding the writing section, is $155 and including the writing section is $166.50. One can check the ACT website for further details.


ACT Test Structure

The ACT comprises of four different sections and one optional writing section. You may apply for this section depending on the school and the kind of program you choose. When in doubt, ACT Coaching by KC Overseas can be helpful. However, it is best to take the writing exam, as it only adds 30 minutes to the clock. Let us take a look at a basic breakdown of the ACT.

  1. English - This section has 75 questions and the time allotted is 45 minutes. It primarily tests your English grammar, punctuation, writing style and sentence structure.
  2. Reading - This section has 40 questions for which 35 minutes is allocated. In this section, your reading ability and comprehension skills are tested.
  3. Mathematics - 60 minutes are allocated to complete 60 questions in this section. It includes algebra, geometry, trigonometry and tests your mathematical skills.
  4. Science - This portion of the test has 40 science-based questions and you get 35 minutes to answer them. You will be tested on your basic knowledge of biology, chemistry, astronomy, physics, etc.
  5. Writing - This is a 40-minute essay test to check your ability to write clearly and concisely.


5 Tips for ACT Test Preparation

To appear for the ACT you must prepare well and follow a few simple strategies to improve your ACT score. Listed below are some points to remember:


1. Consistency is the key

It is necessary to be consistent to score well on the ACT. Make a study schedule and stick to it. Focus on your weaknesses and improve on those portions. Try to become more familiar with the test pattern so that you are confident during the final test.  


2. Practice regularly

This tip applies to all exams, you must practice every day and set new challenges for yourself. Make sure you try to complete each section on time even during practice tests. This way you will be ready for the final test. Consider enrolling in an ACT prep course by exploring some of the best overseas education consultants


3. Answer the easy questions first

It is best to answer the easy questions first and mark the difficult ones that you are skipping. This will be helpful since you will not be wasting time thinking about an answer while the easy ones are still left. 


4. Time is crucial

You must remember that there is a specified time for each section of the test and you will have to pace up to complete the entire test on time. Spend enough time to read the passages or questions and then give a relevant answer. If possible, use the remaining time allowed for a section to review your work and return to the difficult questions. 


5. Be careful and avoid errors

ACT is a paper-based multiple-choice question and you want to avoid making errors accidentally. In case you want to change your answer, erase it properly and completely. Do not cross out answers or use correction fluid or tape. Smudges or unintended marks may cause errors that affect your final test score. 

After the test, you must wait for the results. The test scores are generally posted two weeks after the exam date online. You can send your scores to the colleges you are applying to through the website. There is a provision of reporting your ACT test scores to a maximum of four universities of your choice and the test score is valid for 5 years.

Overseas education consultants like KC Overseas Education can guide you through the entire ACT process. They ensure a seamless experience, provide you with a tailored strategy for each section of the ACT and guarantee a good score. You can access the latest and high-quality study materials, experienced faculty, mock tests and more. You will not have to worry about applications and will also get visa assistance, so you can concentrate on your studies alone. 



We hope you now have a better understanding of the ACT, with the right approach it is possible to get a high score. ACT score will influence your future studies and you must prepare well and strategize to optimize your results. Good luck!

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