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Top 3 American Universities Where Quality Education Meets Affordability

Feb 12, 2024

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There is a point in everyone’s life where they dream about pursuing higher studies in the USA, and rightly so, when considering the world-class education and life-changing experiences it has to offer. Imagine the thrill of studying STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics courses in universities that rank among the top 13% globally, as per the 2024 QS World University Rankings – an aspect for which over a million international students vouch every year.

Now what’s the main catch here? Well, it’s the tuition fees! Yes, indeed pursuing higher study in USA can be highly rewarding but expensive as well, especially for international students. But hold on! Not all universities come with a hefty price tag. There are some American universities as well that offer top-notch degrees without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Here in this article, we present to you some of those popular universities in the land of innovation that provide equally esteemed STEM degrees as compared to their counterparts and all within affordable brackets.

Table of Content

  1. California State University, East Bay (CSU)
  2. San José State University (SJSU)
  3. University of North Texas (UNT) 

Affordable US Universities Offering World-Class Higher Education

From the East Coast to West Coast areas of the United States, let us list down carefully selected American universities among all 50 states each offering quality education without breaking your bank balance.

  • Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon 
  • California State University, East Bay, California
  • San José State University, San Jose, California
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Worcester, Massachusetts
  • University of North Texas, Denton, Texas
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  • University of Massachusetts Amherst

Now, let us cover in brief the 3 most popular universities in the USA known for rewarding highly valued degrees, 

1. California State University, East Bay (CSU)

Among the highly-ranked universities with affordable options, we start the list with CSU - a university recognized by Forbes, U.S. News and World Report, The Wall Street Journal, and many others. CSU's East Bay area comprises three campuses—Hayward, Concord, and Oakland—offering a diverse range of 4,485-degree options. Despite its acclaim, CSU East Bay prioritizes affordability, providing financial aid such as grants, scholarships, and loans to over 75% of its students. Some of the popular master’s courses at CSU are listed below,

Popular Programs OfferedAverage Tuition Fees Range (Yearly)
MS in Computer Science

$15,567 - $20,427

MS in Kinesiology
MS in Statistics
Master in Business Administration (MBA)
MS in Engineering Management
MS in Business Analytics
MS in Construction Management


2. San José State University (SJSU)

Founded in 1857, San José State University (SJSU) is the oldest public university on the West Coast. Welcoming approximately 36,000 students for Bachelor's, Master's, or PhD studies, SJSU offers comprehensive academic experience within its 250 study areas – a major appreciation to its master’s in science specializations. Coming with an affordable price tag, you will be surprised by the campus facilities at SJSU including recreational centers, world-class research labs, modernized sporting arenas, etc. Furthermore, as a significant economic and social development partner in Silicon Valley and California, SJSU opens doors to promising job prospects for international students. Some of the popular master’s courses at SJSU are listed below

Popular Programs OfferedAverage Tuition Fees Range (Yearly)
MS in Computer Science


$16,906 - $21,910

MS in Software Engineering 
MS in Data Science
MS in Artificial Intelligence
MS in Electrical Engineering 
MS in Kinesiology
Masters of Public Health 
Master of Biotechnology
MS in Engineering Management
MS in Data Analytics


3. University of North Texas (UNT)

Our affordable university journey takes a southern down-turn at Denton, Texas, in a university dedicated to providing a great educational experience to more than 36,000 students. Welcome to UNT - a community of dreamers and doers. The reason behind listing UNT among the world-class yet budget-friendly universities is that apart from being an affordable option, there are ample of scholarships, research and teaching assistantships, etc. to support international students in their career pursuits. Being one of the top universities in USA focused on research-oriented courses, UNT is esteemed for offering 112 bachelor's, 94 master's, and 38 Ph. D degrees in all major study areas like business and management, IT and engineering, journalism, arts and sciences, music, hospitality, etc. Below listed are the popular master’s degrees within UNT’s 14 colleges and schools in Denton and Frisco.

Popular Programs OfferedAverage Tuition Fees Range (Yearly)
MS in Health Data Analytics


$ 17,334 - $22,120

MS in Engineering Management
MS in Data Engineering
MS in Biology
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
MS in Computer Science
MS in Business Analytics
MS in Mechanical and Energy Engineering

In conclusion, pursuing higher education in a country that is the strongest pillar of innovation and invention of the world, your personality will definitely take shape making you modernized, creative, and intelligent all at once. There are higher possibilities that post-study you will land a job here in the land of opportunities itself. 

We understand that to study abroad, sometimes it becomes hard to find and fund your higher studies but carefully curating the list of universities in USA as per your aspirations, budget, career opportunities, and financial aid is a must. For more help, meeting the team at KC Overseas Education will help you get updated with all the information related to your study destination. Whether it be shortlisting universities or finding accommodation in a foreign country, KC Overseas has assisted more than 4,60,000 students in their international education pursuits. 

You can be the next one, so connect with our team today!

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