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Top 5 Leading Study Abroad Destinations in Asia

Jul 06, 2021

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Asia, one of the biggest and fastest-growing continents, presents endless opportunities to study abroad aspirants by offering high quality education for international students at a reasonable cost. 

The top-class higher education system in Asian universities is proven, as 17 Asian locations come under the top 50 QS Higher Education Rankings. In addition to this the greatest advantage for international students is that some of the world’s top universities from global study destinations like the USA, the UK, and Australia are establishing hubs in countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and China. This gives a pocket-friendly option to the study abroad aspirants with an opportunity to study in renowned global universities. 

As the majority of the courses in Asian Universities are taught in English it becomes easier for international students to choose to study in Asia. Let’s take a look at the 5 Leading Study Abroad Destinations in Asia which can be the right option for you. 

1. Japan 

A home to inventions, Japan ranks 10 in the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings. The country grows every day in terms of technology and lifestyle. Being a homeland to top courses in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Science, Japan is a worthy investment for higher studies. 

Cities like Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo, Yokohama, are some of the popular student cities to study in Japan. The country offers bachelors, masters, diplomas, and PhD programs while widening the horizons for job opportunities. 


2. Malaysia 

Situated in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is another ideal destination for higher studies in Asia. Ranked 25th in the QS world rankings for higher education, the country is in the process of widely expanding its education culture. 

International students have already begun showcasing their interest to study in Malaysia. Major attractions beyond the low tuition fee and living expenses are that Malaysia has ample part-time work opportunities for international students. The visa process of Malaysia is also seamless and easy comparative to other Asian countries. Kuala Lumpur, the capital of the country was titled as the most affordable city to live in, as per the QS best student cities. 


3. Vietnam 

Located in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is also gaining ground as one of the many leading countries ideal for higher education in Asia. University degrees from Vietnam are now being accepted globally, and the country is gaining reputation for its quality education. 

Right from Business Administration, Computing, Software Engineering to Information and Communication Technology, there is a wide pool of course options available to pursue higher education in Vietnam. 

The University degrees from Vietnam are now being accepted globally, wherein students are being promised wider career opportunities. With such acceptable pros, students consider to study in Vietnam. 


4. Singapore 

Over the last few years, Singapore has created its own identity in being a popular study overseas destination apart from being an ideal holiday destination. The technologically built city has opened its doors for foreign students. 

The education system of Singapore was ranked 28th as per the QS rankings for higher education in the year 2018. The country is home to leading foreign universities where international students can choose to pursue popular courses in the field of Computing, Information Technology, Business Management, Design, Hospitality, Tourism Management, Engineering and Science. 

The study duration of bachelors and masters’ courses at the Singaporean universities is quite flexible. A two-year bachelor program offered by the Singaporean Universities is quite popular among international students. Affordable tuition fees and living expenses give another reason to study in Singapore


5. China 

China is no surprise in being called as ‘The Celestial Empire’ with its outstanding achievements in the fields of economy, medicine, technology, biochemistry etc. The international universities in China are known to keep up with the world’s most current trends and adapt themselves to the demands of thriving international job market. 

With over three thousand higher educational institutions, the country is rapidly growing as the leading study overseas destination because of which the number of international students in China has multiplied over the past two decades. 

Some of the popular programs to study in China are in the fields of Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence, Finance, Accounting and Management, International Business Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Computer Science and Information Technology, Civil Engineering, Business Management, and International Relations. 

To put it in a nutshell, every option which Asia has to offer is unique and the post-education options and work programs here are widespread and advantageous. 

So, if you wish to enroll yourself in any of these Asian study destinations, you can approach KC Overseas Education, one of the best overseas education consultants in Asia for authentic information, the right guidance and complete assistance from application to visa process. 

Approach our Asia Country Experts in person or through virtual counselling and take a leap towards your study abroad dream.

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