Top 8 Reasons to Pursue Higher Education in the United Kingdom

Mar 10, 2021

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The UK is a popular study choice for international students, a global hotspot for academics and professionals. To best equip students for entry into the professional world a series of programme options and qualifications are offered in UK which are globally recognized. 

United Kingdom has long been one of the favourite studies abroad destinations for South Asian students along with USA. Study in UK has proven to be a better option for South Asian students now more than ever. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic the universities in the UK have seen a good number of international admissions which proves the popularity of the UK as their study abroad destination. 


Here are some of the top reasons why study abroad aspirants choose UK over other study destinations: 


1. Top Universities to Pursue Higher Education in the UK 

There are more than 140 universities in United Kingdom along with the other higher education institutions for you to choose from. Every university is more or less recognised around the world providing a range of qualifications to all. The universities which are at a different league are Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, and the list of Russel Group universities. Every year nearly 75+ UK universities feature in QS World Rankings, and 2021 QS University Rankings hold 76 of the universities from the UK.

UK Universities in Top 10 QS World Ranking 

  • The University of Oxford: 5th QS World Ranking 
  • The University of Cambridge: 6th QS World Ranking 
  • Imperial College London: 8th QS World Ranking 
  • University College London: 10th QS World Ranking 


2. Umpteen Course Options 

You can choose from over 50,000 courses, in more than 25 subject areas to pursue undergrads or a post grad degree in UK. A wide range of course options are available for you to study in UK, of which the top ten world ranking study fields are mentioned below. 

  1. MBA 
  2. Computer Science and IT 
  3. Business 
  4. Engineering 
  5. Law 
  6. Health Science and Care 
  7. Economics 
  8. Architecture 
  9. Life Science 
  10. Arts and Design 


3. Rewarding Education 

In the UK one of the biggest benefits for international students is the length of the courses offered by the universities. Compared to the other popular study abroad destinations, the courses in the UK are shorter. Especially for post-graduation, UK offers 1-year master’s degree, which directly means you will graduate faster than the rest. Since the duration of the course is shorter, it means less tuition fees and lesser living expenses as well. Therefore, in comparison with countries like Australia and even the USA, the overall cost for Masters in UK will be less. 


4. Study in UK Eligibility Requirements & Application Portals: Easier than US 

UK doesn’t offer benefits only for post-graduates but for the undergraduates as well. For Masters course 16 years of education is usually requied in USA while in UK, admission is possible with 15 years of education. 

The best part is to get admission for bachelors in UK, you need not appear for SAT as required in USA, though English Proficiency Test Scores are to be submitted. 

In US, there are admission portals in which different set of universities are registered to apply for UG courses - Common Application Portal, Coalition Portal, Individual University Portal and many others. In UK there is only one portal known as UCAS – University and College Admission System, where all the UK universities are registered to make application process easier for students. Apart from UCAS students can also apply directly to the selected Modern universities. 


5. Study in UK without IELTS 

English speaking nations like the UK assess your language skills through English Language Tests like IELTS or TOEFL during the application phase. However, this is not always the case. As, UK believes that these tests are not the only way to prove your proficiency, international students can study in UK universities even without IELTS requirement provided the below criteria is fulfilled. 

  • English Medium of Instruction in Previous Education 
  • Interview by the University to Check Student’s English 
  • Class 10th and 12th English Scores


6. Scholarships to Study in the UK 

If we want to talk about scholarships for international students in UK, you will be delighted to know that there are Scholarships and Bursaries offered by the universities and students also get the options of various external Scholarships. 


Scholarships offered by Universities 

These can be categorised into: 

  1. Country Specific Scholarships 
  2. Subject Specific Scholarships 

In general, the above-mentioned scholarships’ amount ranges by and large from £1000 to £3000. Scholarship amount can also range from Full or 50% fees waiver for the students with exceptionally excellent academic performance, but these are obviously very few in numbers and highly competitive. 


External Scholarships 

There are many external Scholarships available which cover full fees and living expenses. 

  1. Commonwealth Scholarship 
  2. Scotland Soltaire Scholarship 
  3. Chevening Scholarship 
  4. Great Scholarship offered by the British Council (up to £10000) 
  5. Indian Government Scholarship for the backward class students from India 


7. Work while Study Possibility in the UK 

As we all learn to gain knowledge and earn well, it would be great if we can earn while we learn. This opportunity is given by the UK government to international students where you are allowed to work for 20 hours during the semesters, and full time i.e 40 hours per week during the semester breaks. This will help you with day-to-day expenses and tuition fees to some extent as well. 


8. Visa and Stay Back Option 

Recently, the Government of UK announced new student visa routes which will allow international students to get visas more easily and stay back after course completion. The new visa system introduced for international students replace the existing Tier 4 visa system which opened on October 5th, 2020. Furthermore, the new UK Post Study Work Visa allows the international students to stay and work in the UK for up to 2 years after Masters and 3 years after PhD. The cap over number of work visas was also removed thus allowing a large number of applicants for visa grants to work in UK. 

Be it the quality of the Education, variety of options or the after-study opportunities in the UK, the country has everything that is favourable to all international students. Now is the time to finalise UK as your foreign education destination and apply online to study abroad

Go for it! 

Good Luck!

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