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Top Accommodation Options to Study in the UK

Apr 03, 2024

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When we hear about the United Kingdom, the first things that strike our minds are its rich history, iconic landmarks like the Big Ben, and its world-class education system. Every year, countless aspirants from around the globe flock to this charismatic study destination, drawn by the allure of its oldest and most prestigious educational institutions. However, one crucial factor that an international student must carefully consider is finding suitable accommodation.

The UK offers a diverse range of housing options catering to various preferences and budgets, ensuring a seamless transition for students from different backgrounds. Whether you thrive in the lively atmosphere of student halls or seek the tranquillity of a private abode, this vibrant country promises to meet your needs seamlessly. Just as there is a plethora of courses to study in the UK for international students, there are varied accommodation options to explore.

To guide you in finding the right accommodation that aligns with your lifestyle and aspirations, this article will help you discover the popular housing choices that the UK has to offer. Buckle up your seatbelts as we delve into the diverse accommodation options.

Types of Accommodation Options in the UK 



University Dorms 

One of the most popular choices for international students is residing in university dorms, also known as halls of residence. These on-campus accommodations offer a truly immersive student experience, fostering a strong sense of community and providing easy access to campus facilities. Imagine waking up just a stone's throw away from your classes, libraries, and recreational centres, a convenience that can't be overstated.

University dorms provide single rooms, shared kitchens, and common areas, allowing you to socialize and establish lasting connections with fellow students from diverse backgrounds. While privacy might be slightly compromised due to shared facilities, the vibrant atmosphere and countless networking opportunities make university dorms a compelling choice, especially for first-year students seeking an authentic campus experience.


Average Weekly Cost



Other cities in the UK



Off-Campus Student Housing

If you are intrigued to study in UK and prefer a more independent lifestyle while still enjoying the benefits of a student-centric community, off-campus student housing could be the perfect fit. These purpose-built student accommodations are managed by private student organizations, offering a blend of modern amenities and a social environment.

Unlike university dorms, purpose-built student accommodations often feature studio rooms, providing you with more personal space and privacy along with other room types such as ensuites and non-ensuites. Additionally, many have exceptional facilities such as cinema rooms, gyms, and even saunas, catering to your recreational needs. Additionally, it offers a heightened level of comfort and convenience that can make your study abroad experience truly memorable.


Average Weekly Cost



Other cities in the UK

£120 – £160


Rented Apartments

As you progress through your academic journey, you might crave more independence and freedom. Renting an apartment, either alone or with friends, becomes a popular choice for second or third-year students. This option allows you to handpick your living arrangements, from the location to the roommates you'll share the space with.

While renting an apartment can be costlier than other accommodation types, it offers unparalleled privacy and the flexibility to shape your living environment according to your preferences. From personalized decor to cooking your favourite meals, an apartment provides a home away from home, fostering a sense of autonomy and personal growth.


Average Weekly Cost



Other cities in the UK



Rooms in Private Houses 

For those seeking a truly immersive cultural experience, living with a host family, or homestay, can be a rewarding choice. Many universities in the UK facilitate homestay arrangements, where you'll reside with a local family, offering a unique opportunity to dive into British traditions, customs, and their way of life. 

Beyond the cultural exchange, homestays often provide home-cooked meals, a sense of community, and a home-like environment that can alleviate homesickness. However, it's essential to respect the host family's rules and adjust to their daily routines. Additionally, living with a host family might limit your social interactions with other students and potentially involve commuting to campus, depending on the location.


Average Weekly Cost



Other cities in the UK



Balancing Cost and Convenience

One of the most important factors is to balance the living cost and cost to study in UK. Regardless of your preferred accommodation type, location plays a crucial role in your overall study abroad experience. Urban areas, such as city centres, tend to be more expensive but offer unparalleled convenience and proximity to campus, entertainment, and amenities. Conversely, opting for accommodations in the periphery or suburban areas can significantly reduce your living costs while still providing easy access to public transportation and a quieter living environment. When exploring locations, consider factors such as commuting time, access to public transportation, proximity to grocery stores, and overall safety. Thus, striking the right balance between cost and convenience can enhance your study abroad experience. 

Bringing it Together 

Ultimately, the accommodation you choose during your study abroad journey in the UK will shape a significant portion of your overall experience. By carefully evaluating your preferences, budget, and lifestyle, you can find the perfect living arrangement that nurtures your academic and personal growth. 

We understand that among so many options, finding the right accommodation in the UK can be a little tricky. Therefore, we at KC Overseas Education are here for you to make your abroad journey seamless. As one of the top overseas education consultants, we have been assisting students for 25 years with university selection to choose the perfect accommodation.

So, reach out to our experts and get the best place to dwell in the UK. Hurry up!

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