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Top Universities in Sweden for International Students

May 19, 2023

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Pursuing a three- or two-year degree or certificate programme in a developed country like Sweden is a dream for many international students. Notably, Sweden is a Nordic country with a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy. And, it has ranked seventh on the Human Development Index 2022 published by the United Nations Development Programme.

Besides, Sweden ranks third on the Global Innovation Index and is the hub of cutting-edge technological developments as well as research. The country is also committed to the ideas of diversity and equality. It recognises the value of cultural and language integration which results in a very dynamic ecosystem, ideal for international students.

So, if you are planning to study in Sweden, then you need to know about the universities in Sweden for international students. Continue to read below to know more about the universities, tuition fees and what are the benefits of obtaining your degree from Sweden.

Benefits of Study in Sweden for International Students

1. The education system in Sweden is lauded to be one of the best in the world. As per the World University Rankings Surveys, about eight Swedish universities were mentioned in the QS Rankings of 2022. Out of this list, Lund University and Karolinska Institute are top-ranked. Most universities in Sweden offer both degrees as well as courses. To complete one academic year in Sweden, you need to have earned at least 60 credits.

2. There are around 50 university colleges and universities in Sweden. They are divided into the following:

  • Public University: Although public universities in Sweden are funded by the state, they get to enjoy autonomy with respect to deciding curriculum, courses to be offered and eligibility criteria.  Some of the best public universities in Sweden are Uppsala University, Lund University, University of Gothenburg and Stockholm University.
  • Private University: They are owned by foundations or organisations and have authority from the Parliament to award degrees.
  • Public University Colleges: Referred to as hogskolor in Sweden, they are slightly different from typical public universities. Public university colleges provide vocational training in subjects such as applied science, engineering, and natural science. These also happen to be smaller than public universities. They include the University of Boras, the University of Skovde and the Royal College of Music.

3. Sweden’s multicultural environment is one of the key attractive features behind why it is gradually becoming the hub of higher education. A multicultural environment is one where there is an equal place for all cultures as opposed to the concept of assimilation which attributes more preference to the majority community or culture. Sweden announced that it adopted multiculturalism formally somewhere in the mid-70s. The multiplicity of cultures was argued to be essential for the well-being of all minority communities and for enriching the national culture of Sweden.

Top Universities in Sweden for International Students

Applying to Swedish universities entails certain basic criteria. To be sure that you are fully meeting admission requirements, please reach out to KC Overseas for more details. Meanwhile, here is a list of universities in Sweden for international students

1. Uppsala University

Uppsala University is Sweden’s oldest university and it was established in 1477. Eight Nobel laureates are associated with the university. It has a well-balanced campus with many modern buildings. There are three major disciplinary fields that one can explore for higher studies - social sciences, arts, and science and technology. There are about 70 undergraduate courses with psychology, medicine and law as some of the most popular amongst first-year students. The university also offers exchange programmes and has agreements with more than 400 universities globally.

Based on the programme you have chosen, you can expect the cost of one semester to be around SEK 50,000-73,000.

2. Karolinska Institutet

This university was established in Solna, greater Stockholm, in 1810. Initially, the university used to train army surgeons. Following that, the university now has two campuses, the second being located in Flemingsberg. Karolinska Institute is reputed to be one of the prestigious and best medical schools in the world. One can also find a number of postgraduate and degree programmes in life sciences and health care. Some of the programmes available to undergraduates are midwifery, audiology, optometry, medicine, psychology, psychotherapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy.

You can expect the tuition fee for international students enrolling in the master’s programmes to range from SEK 170,000 to SEK 200,000 yearly.

3. Lund University

This is a public institution with campuses in Lund, Malmo and Helsingborg. The university accommodates more than 27,000 students annually and has 20-plus associated institutes and research centres. The library located on the Lund campus was founded in 1668 and it is one of Sweden’s largest and oldest libraries.

If you are planning to study at Lund University, then you can expect the tuition fees to be about SEK 160,000 every year.

4. Stockholm University

Stockholm University initially started in 1878 as a college and then turned into a university in 1960. The university is located in a scenic location within Royal National City Park, the world’s first national urban park. It is located quite close to the city centre and can be easily reached with the help of a metro train.

The tuition fees that you may need to pay to study in Sweden at Stockholm University range from SEK 68,000 to SEK 142,000.

5. KTH Royal Institute of Technology

KTH Royal Institute of Technology is Sweden’s oldest and largest technical university. The main areas of teaching and research are technology and engineering. The six schools that are a part of the university are Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Architecture and Built Environment; Engineering Sciences in Chemistry; Engineering Sciences; Industrial Engineering and Management; and Biotechnology and Health.

The tuition fee for the bachelor’s programme is around SEK 370,000 and that of a two-year’s programme is around SEK 310,000.

Aside from these top five popular picks, there are a few more universities in Sweden that you can also consider for your higher education.

UniversityCityWorld University Rank 2023
University of GothenburgGothenburg185
Linkoping UniversityLinkoping320
Chalmers University of TechnologyGothenburg125
Umea UniversityUmea369

Documents Required at the Time of Application to Universities in Sweden

In order to apply to any university in Sweden, you need to gather a set of documents and send them to the respective university’s admission centre either through the application portal or by mail. Overall, the following are documents you are expected to send as part of your application file.

  • A completely filled application form
  • Scanned copies of educational documents
  • A copy of your passport
  • Passport size photographs
  • IELTS scorecard
  • Statement of purpose
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • CV/resume
  • Employment documents (if applicable) - Joining letter from the latest recruiter, last salary slip and employment certificates from any employer
  • Any other document (as the university may specify) 


Sweden is undoubtedly one of the best places you can travel to for a quality educational experience. According to the Quality-of-Life Index, Sweden is always amongst the top-ranking countries along with Finland, Denmark and Canada. The cities are pristine, the history is rich and the multicultural environment is thriving and attractive for young students planning to spend their next few years immersed in the beauty of a country. There is no language barrier and Sweden is well-connected to other Scandinavian as well as European countries. 

But often, students are unsure of how to go about their application procedure due to a lack of knowledge. If you too are finding it challenging, then connect with KC Overseas, a leading ed-tech company, to get comprehensive guidance on your study abroad mission.

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