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International Student Recruitment Made Easy with Mobile App

Mar 21, 2024

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Great News for Study Abroad Student Recruiters!!!

KC Overseas Education, a leading Edtech Brand which gives end to end support to Study Abroad recruiters across India, South Asia & Africa has recently launched an innovative mobile application of its tech platform on Google Play Store & App Store. 

This app is designed to revolutionize the student recruitment process as it has an array of powerful features to streamline and expedite student applications to global universities.

Let’s look into some of the key features of this app:

Comprehensive Student Management : KC’s Franchisees and Partner Associates will be able to view and manage all their student applications on the go.

Real-Time Notifications : They can stay updated with the latest status changes.

Detailed Student Profiles: They can access comprehensive information for each student.

Efficient Document Handling: They can upload and manage student documents with ease.

Counsellor Management: They can manage and stay connected with their counsellors.

Help & FAQs: They get a dedicated section for app navigation assistance.

Regional Contacts: They can access contact details of Regional Managers, Regional Officers, and other Partner Specialist Team members for immediate support.

Feedback Portal: They can share their feedback for continuous improvement of the app.

Customizable User Experience: They can adjust settings as per their preferences.

So, you see this app provides remarkable accessibility and control to study abroad recruiters connected with KC Overseas. They can now effortlessly handle various aspects of their student applications even on their mobile devices thereby avoiding any kind of delay in student recruitment process. 

That’s not all, the app will be regularly updated with new and enhanced features to further streamline the application management system for study abroad recruiters connectedwith KC Overseas.

We are sure that all the recruiters connected with KC Overseas Education have already downloaded the app from the Google Play Store or App Store and have started using the app. 

If you are also a Study Abroad Student Recruiter looking for one such advanced tech support to expedite your student recruitment process, you can connect to our Partner Specialist Team. They will give you complete information about and all other end to end student support services provided by KC Overseas Education. 

Time to experience Efficiency & Convenience at Your Fingertips with App!

Download App on Google Play & App Store 👇👇 

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