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University of Limerick: A Synopsis of One of the Top Universities in Ireland

May 16, 2024

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Ireland boasts many globally recognized universities but one that stands out for assorted reasons is the University of Limerick (UL), known for its excellence in education and research. With its high regard for quality education, inspirational research, and lively campus life, this prestigious university is a top choice among students worldwide who aim to find exceptional experiences. 

From the state-of-the-art equipment for research to the wide range of learning opportunities, the University of Limerick provides a proper environment for learning that enables students to become intellectually mature, creative, and personally developed. 

In this article, we will thoroughly discuss the University of Limerick, examining its reason for excellence, academic direction, and the exclusive opportunities available for students wanting to pursue higher education at top universities in Ireland. But first, let us see where this university stands in the global rankings!

Rankings & Reputation

What makes the University of Limerick a premier choice for international students? Its academic superiority is evident in its rigorous curriculum and research initiatives. Whether you are planning to pursue Engineering, MSc, or MBA in Ireland, you must know if your target university will justify your academic endeavors. 

Find below where the university stands in the global landscape.

  • UL is a part of the Top 500 Universities globally (QS World University Rankings & Times Higher Education 2024)
  • The University of Limerick has been given a 5-star rating from the QS Stars rating system, making it the only Irish University to achieve this position in 2023.
  • It is among the Top 75 Universities in Europe for excellence in Teaching and Learning
  • It has been ranked in the Top 200 Universities for Graduate Employability (2022)
  • Kemmy Business School of UL is accredited by Triple Crown and is among the top 1% of institutions globally that have received an accreditation award from EFMD Global Quality System (EQUIS.) 

In addition, around 20% of the total student population are international students from 100+ countries, which demonstrates the university's multicultural environment. Now, let us proceed to learn about the study fields that an international student can explore at different academic levels. 

Popular Subject Areas to Explore

As one of the best universities in Ireland, the English Language and Literature subjects at UL have recently ascended from 150-200 rankings to 101-150 in QS World Rankings 2024, representing this study field's teaching and research quality. Similarly, other study areas of UL at distinct academic levels are a true testament to its excellence.

Here are the subject areas offered by the university.

  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Business 
  • Health Sciences
  • Education 
  • English Language and Literature
  • Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Visit the university's official website to learn about the courses offered in the study fields and other details. Let us see where the University of Limerick stands regarding research excellence.

Research Excellence at UL

The University of Limerick aims to build a community that prioritizes the research value and all facets of its institution while maintaining a balance in the UN Sustainable Goals (SDGs). It has set a list of challenges in four disciplines, named Smart, Healthy, Inclusive, and Sustainable Societies, to ensure they continuously impact the rising challenges of civilization.

Faculty members work closely with industry partners, government agencies, and international collaborators to address pressing challenges and explore new frontiers of knowledge. Research projects span various disciplines, including Engineering, Science, Health Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Business. The university's world-class research facilities and centers provide researchers with the resources and support they need to conduct innovative studies and make meaningful contributions to their fields. Now that we have read a lot about this top university, let’s discuss how much this experience is going to cost you. 

Cost to Study

The cost of studying at the University of Limerick depends on your course level and options. However, the tentative range for a bachelor's degree in UL is between €16900 and €21,000  [AV1] per annum, and for a master's it is between €16902 to €26900 [AV2] per annum.

Scholarships for International Students

If the cost of education overwhelms you, then you can explore various scholarships offered by the University of Limerick to help international students manage their expenses. Find below some of the popular options.

  • The Michael Hillery and Jacinta O'Brien Athletics Scholarship
    • Value: Diverse benefits equating to over €7,000 in value
  • Jim Kemmy India Scholarship
    • Value: €4,279 per year
  • International (non-EU) Merit-Based Scholarship (For selected faculties)
    • Value: €2,000 per year

UL offers many more partial merit-based scholarships to international students that do not require any application. So, make sure that you apply early to avail yourself of these scholarships. 

In conclusion, the University of Limerick offers an excellent opportunity to expand and excel in all aspects, and this is what KC Overseas Education strives to achieve for you. As one of the leading global education consultants in India, we have expertise in guiding students through all aspects of their study abroad journey. With our professional approach and personalized services, we ensure that your dream of studying at this University becomes a smooth reality. With KC experts by your side, you get all the support and resources that enhance your chances of getting into the University of Limerick! Reach out to our Europe Experts today! 

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