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University of New Haven: Popular Courses, Cost to Study & More

Apr 26, 2024

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Founded in 1920 in the beautiful seaside city of West Haven, Connecticut, the University of New Haven is regarded as a symbol of academic success and has become a forward-thinking institution over the years. Ever since its existence, it has maintained its strong point, which is to train and prepare learners for the competitive and fast-evolving world. 

Studying at this university provides an opportunity to learn from the expert faculty, fostering professional development. Furthermore, it boasts a curriculum that not only encourages students to engage in interdisciplinary studies but ensures a compelling exploration of real-world applications.

In this article, we shall analyze the unique attributes and features that have made the University of New Haven one of the top universities in USA.


Factors that Make the University of New Haven Stand Out

When considering higher education abroad, one must know beforehand where the university or college they are targeting stands in the global landscape. 

US News & World Report 2024 recognized the University of New Haven as one of the top universities in the North for academic excellence. 

What’s more to know? Here’s a look at its other rankings in 2024-

  • Ranked #86 in Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs and #140 in Top Performers on Social Mobility by US News & World Report.
  • Among the 389 Best Colleges in the US by The Princeton Review for eight years.
  • Named the ‘College of Distinction’ by the Colleges of Distinction (National Online Higher Education Guide.) 

Besides that, members of the faculty have been recognized by numerous renowned awards and have been bestowed with honour in their specialized fields, attesting to the university’s scholarly acclaim. 

Such accolades prove that UNH remains relentless in delivering quality education to its students and equips them with the requisite knowledge and skills to thrive in their careers and be catalysts for development in the communities they serve.

Popular Courses Offered

One of the top benefits of studying in USA as an international student is being able to enroll in a higher education program that increases the chances of a lucrative career. As there is a huge demand for graduates from the STEM and management field, the University of New Haven ensures that students are offered in-demand programs on distinct academic levels.

Here are the courses offered at bachelors and masters levels and their popular specializations.



Bachelor of Science (BS)

  • Computer Science
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • International Business
  • Business Management
  • Business Analytics



Master of Science (MS)

  • Data Science
  • Computer Science
  • Information Science
  • Cybersecurity and Networks
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Finance and Financial Analytics



Master of Business Administration (MBA)

  • Business Analytics
  • Data Analytics
  • Marketing and Digital Marketing
  • Finance
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Strategy Leadership


These are some of the popular specializations offered in bachelors and masters courses. The official website of the University of New Haven also offers a wide range of other disciplines which you are welcome to explore. Now, let us delve into other necessary prerequisites of the university.

Cost to Study

The cost to study in USA at the University of New Haven prices can vary as they are affected by these variables: the program of study and the housing status. A bachelors student should expect to pay a tuition fee of $ 45,730 per year. Similarly, a master's degree tuition fee costs $ 18,990 per year. 

Along with this expenditure, students should allocate their budget for living expenses like accommodation which can vary between $900-1000 per month and food which may cost between $200-250 for the same tenure.

Furthermore, there is an added expense of utilities, study tools, and personal items that may vary according to lifestyle preferences.

Career Development Services 

The Career Development Center at the University of New Haven offers a combination of various resources as well as support, such as career advice, resume and cover letter editing, mock interviews, and networking opportunities. Furthermore, the center arranges career fairs, employer information sessions, and classes that train students in strategic job search, interview preparation, and professional etiquette. 

In the process, students not only acquire valuable connections with potential employers but also get field experience.  Some of the top organizations that highly seek New Haven graduates include Yale New Heaven Health, Hartford Healthcare, LabCorp, Amazon, ASML, General Dynamics, and Eversource Energy.

In conclusion, the University of New Haven is an academic center of excellence and innovation that has granted it vestigial leadership status among colleges and universities in the U.S. As a major university with deep roots stretching back nearly a century, the university has never wavered in its dedication to helping its students in every possible way achieve their full potential through advanced education. 

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