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US or Canada - Which is the Best Study Abroad Destination in the Present Pandemic Situation?

Oct 23, 2020

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Corona and COVID-19 have become the common words used in the most concerned way by every individual across the world. But that is not the case in the youngsters and study abroad aspirants of South Asia. Thanks to the ultimate safety measures being taken by the governments and educational institutions globally. 


Around 91% of South East Asian students who had planned to study abroad, continue to do so as per the survey of an Edu-tech platform.

Amidst the current circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic, the rapid adaptive measures taken by universities across the globe deserve a lot of appreciation. Never in the history the academic institutions, companies and nonprofit organizations have come together to achieve a bigger vision of aiding and serving the student population as obsessively as today. This goes on to also show that educational institutions and study abroad oriented consultancies, various country governments with sound ground rules and sustainable tech-moats will lead the pack in the new normal. 

We have received thousands of queries on our platform over the past couple of months regarding precautions taken by the universities, borders being opened, the directives issued by the governments and how to apply online to study abroad. As per our sources and inputs USA and Canada have the maximum student inclinations and thus, we see things moving upwards for these countries in future.

 Read on and decide amongst USA and Canada which one would you prefer as we will lay out the points stating how each one is working towards a safe and sure future. 



Know why you can opt to Study in USA in this pandemic situation. 

  • The US universities have always been the 1st choice for their Academic Excellence and Scholarships which have not been affected by the pandemic 
  • Many Top USA Universities have made the standardizes test scores optional due to the COVID-19 situation. So, this is the best time to reach these universities on the basis of Academic grades. 
  • As the US universities are issuing Hybrid I-20s and the US consulates have opened, the students can now go to USA for Fall 20 and Spring 21 to begin classroom studies 
  • Due to the less incoming of the Chinese students, which usually used to be the maximum numbers, chances of admission for students from other nationalities particularly Indians and South East Asians increases 
  • US Universities are also offering Application Fee Waiver to students to apply to their University 
  • Changes in H1B visa have not affected the jobs of students who have completed education in USA and students who are currently wanting to study in the US can apply for their F1 Visa 



Know why you can opt to Study in Canada in this pandemic situation.** 

  • Allowing students to maintain eligibility for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP), Canada has expanded special measures while completing a portion of their studies online from their home country. 
  • To enable some international students to begin their Canadian studies without a final approval on their study permit, Canada has adopted a new two-step process for study permit applicants 
  • No time will be deducted from the length of a future post-graduation work permit as students may now study online from their home country until April 30, 2021, as far as half of the education i.e. 50% is ultimately completed in Canada 
  • The students who have enrolled for courses starting from May to September 2020 having the program duration between 8 to 12 months in length, will be able to complete their entire program online from their home country and still be eligible for a post-graduation work permit 
  • The students who have enrolled for courses starting from May to September 2020 and are willing to study online till 30th April 2021 with a gradation in one or more program, combine the length of their programs of study when they apply for a post-graduation work permit in the future, till the time 50% of total education is completed in Canada Study abroad aspirants can approach us for elaborate and in-depth information regarding universities and institutions in US or Canada for higher studies, the measures being taken by the governments and most importantly all the latest updates regarding the changes in the processes in the present situation. 

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