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What is the Cost of Study in Canada for International Students?

May 13, 2022

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Canada is among the most popular study destinations in the world for international students who wish to study abroad. In comparison to other big countries the cost of education and living is fairly affordable. It is one of the most liveable and safest countries with many top institutions offering best of the courses for international students to choose from. 

The best part is that the cost of education might be on the lesser side as compared to other big countries. So, let’s check out the amount you will need for your higher education in Canada. 

Combining the cost of education and living in Canada it can cost anywhere from INR 15 Lakhs to INR 1.2 Crore. This total cost will depend on the level of degree and course you will be pursuing. This amount could be easily covered through a loan, various banks and financial institutions are offering education loans for students aiming to pursue higher studies in Canada.

In this article we’ll do a step-by-step analysis of the expenses to be borne by international students for studying in Canada. Once you know the details you can be financially prepared to embark on your study abroad journey in Canada.


Pre-Arrival Cost

  • Language Proficiency and Subject Tests

No matter which university or college you pick to pursue higher education in Canada, you will have to take an English Language Proficiency Test, or a Standardised Subject Test based on the requirement of your university and program. The estimate of taking a standardised test will be as follow:


Registration Fee


15,500 INR




14,700 INR

GRE General


GRE Subject




  • Cost Involved in Application process

You will have to submit your scorecard to each university or college you apply to, so that the application process can begin. Each institute asks for an application fee which depends on the program you apply for. This application process fee can range from INR 2900 to INR 11000. 

  • Application Fees and Document Charges

International students need to obtain permission from the governments of Quebec and Canada based on their duration of study. For this, they need to apply for a certificate of acceptance. Here you will have to pay the application fee which will cost approx. INR 7000. 

  • Cost of Study Permit

When flying to an international destination for the purpose of education you need to apply for a study permit. The cost of applying for a study permit to Canada will be INR 9000 and getting the biometrics done will cost an additional INR 4500.

  • Cost of Medical Test

You also need to take a medical test before leaving the country to study abroad. However. you cannot get the tests done at a clinic of your choice. You can only choose from one of the empanelled doctors as selected by the Canadian Immigration authorities for which the medical expenses for any tests and treatments done will be added.

  • Flight Tickets

Once all the pre arrival steps are completed, it’s time for you to fly high to your dream destination. You need to book the flight tickets wherein the cost can vary anywhere between INR 90,000 to INR 2,00,000.


Post-Arrival Cost

Once you arrive at your study destination in Canada you will be required to take care of certain expenses to ensure a smooth student life experience.

  • Cost of Tuition

This is the major expense that you will have to bear for any study program. Following are the list of programs offered in Canada in different institutions along with the cost of tuition as per the 2021-2022 statistics Canada. Keep in mind that you need to pay a part of the tuition fee during the time of admission and the rest can be paid while you are in Canada pursuing your education. This cost however, can be reduced if you get a scholarship in CanadaTherefore, we advise you to check for scholarships and your eligibility so that you save on some of the tuition fee.


Cost of Tuition

2 Years Master’s Degree

INR 12-15 Lakhs per year

4 Years Bachelor’s Degree

INR 15-18 Lakhs per year

1-2 Years PG Diploma

INR 8-10 Lakhs per year

2 Years UG Diploma

INR 8-12 Lakhs per year

  • Cost of Living

It is important to sort out your cost of living in Canada too apart from your cost of tuition. You have to keep in mind the expenses covered in the cost of living, we have bifurcated the major expenses for you.

1. Accommodation

There are several options of accommodation that you can choose from so you can decide where you want to stay as per your budget.

  • Living on Campus

You can live in residence on campus or nearby areas. The apartment you will find will be furnished with shelves, desk, and a bed. Living on campus will also help you save transport cost, and you can further cut down the expenses by getting a roommate. The approximate cost of living on campus in Canada will range from INR 1,60,000 to INR 4,50,000 per annum.

  • Private Housing

If you prefer to live outside campus, you will have to pay a sum of money upfront before moving in. This will include 2 months advance, and a security deposit as demanded by the landlord. On top of this you will also have to arrange for your own Wi-Fi, utensils, electricity, furniture, etc. the cost of which including rent can amount up to INR 4,50,000 per annum.

2. Food

The approximate amount you will be spending for each month for food will be approximately INR 17,000.

3. Transport

Even if you live on campus, you will still need to travel every now and then for shopping, entertainment, etc. and you will need to commute to your institute if you live further from the campus. The approximate cost for travel will be approximately INR 4,500 to INR 14,000 per month.

4. Health Insurance

Health insurance laws in Canada are divided as per your provinces you live in. It is mandatory for students to get a health insurance in Canada providing 24/7 medical assistance. Though the cost depends as per your geographical area it will approximately cost you INR 33,000 to INR 50,000. 

5. Phone & Internet

It is an essential requirement no matter where you live, especially as a student, to have Wi-Fi connectivity in your apartment, the cost of which will amount up to INR 3,000 per month.

6. Entertainment

Lastly, if you look for entertainment which you surely will, then the minimum expenditure will be INR 8000 per month.

To get a better idea of these expenses as per your university, place of stay, etc. you can connect with KC’s Canada experts. We will resolve all your queries right from answering how to get admission in Canada to assisting you through the actual admission process. 

We have just given you an overview of the cost to study in Canada so that you will be well prepared. But do not allow these financial nuances to deter you from your study abroad dreams. You can cover the same with Overseas Education Loans or cut short a little by getting Scholarships, as specified earlier. Scholarships will surely depend on your eligibility, but Loans can be got quite easily, and our E’LAN Loan Experts will guide you for the same.

This is an investment which will give you returns in multiple folds and a promise of global career options, so good luck with it.

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