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Why study Public Health Courses in the UK?

Dec 24, 2022

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If you want to make a career in any subject that enables you to bring about some tangible difference in the world, then a Public Health Course is your ideal choice. Furthermore, if you get an M.Sc. in Public Health, you will get the chance to enhance your research capabilities and receive professional training in extending your career as a health professional. 

While opting for a career in Public Health, you can choose to study in UK. It is the global home for numerous renowned universities that offer Public Health courses like paediatrics, nursing, physiotherapy or speech therapy. Furthermore, you also get the golden opportunity of participating in the UK's various Public Health programs at the same time.

Reasons to Study Public Health Courses in the UK

Did you know that getting a masters in UK is worth the effort, as the degree holds value all over the world? Read along to understand the reasons for studying in the UK –

        1. A stable future

Irrespective of which country you belong to, if you have a degree in healthcare, you are always high on the list of 'most demanded professionals'. Apart from this, public health workers in the UK and in other regions of the globe are typically well-paid. For example, if you choose to practise in the UK, you can expect a yearly salary ranging between 27,500 GBP and 62,084 GBP. 

       2. Specialised professional knowledge in a specific area 

Top universities in the UK focus on teaching their students every little aspect of public health. Be it the Research Methods in Epidemiology, Epidemiology Statistics, Health Informatics or Evidence Synthesis, you are taught everything and in detail. The sole reason behind this is to ensure that all their public health graduates intend to practise their specialisation perfectly and have the right epidemiology specialisation to flourish in their careers. 

      3. UK has the best universities

The UK encompasses the best universities that enable students to build their careers in public health successfully. For instance, some of the top UK universities, like the University of Birmingham and the University of Glasgow, are ranked among the Top 100 QS World University Rankings 2023, along with other national universities. 

Keep reading to learn more about the top universities in the UK where you can study Public Health.

Top 5 Universities in the UK to Study Public Health

1. University of Glasgow

The popular public health course at the University of Glasgow is the Masters in Public Health. The University of Glasgow ranks among the best universities in UK and holds a good reputation in this domain of public health. Furthermore, it shares a good connection with the NHS, enabling students to develop better skills and build connections in the public health sector, guaranteeing a prosperous career. Here, students can participate in their multidisciplinary online public health programme, where they learn how to identify, analyse, and apply economic, social and environmental theories for improving public health.

2. University of Birmingham

Best choice for studying post-graduation in public health in the United Kingdom. This university's public health course is unique as it has a multidisciplinary approach. The course's main module consists of topics on Introduction to Public Health, Epidemiology Statistics and Research Methods, Practical Epidemiology and Statistics, Health Information and Health Informatics. The optional courses offered include Health Economics, Introduction to Leadership And Management in Health, Healthcare, Public Health, Health Protection, Health Promotion, Global Health, Sociology and Social Policy. Additionally you can choose from the optional modules which include Systematic Reviews and Evidence Synthesis, Qualitative Research Methods, Clinical Trials (MPH), Advanced Statistical Methods, and Further Global Health. Furthermore, the course focuses on teamwork and collaborative learning with political scientists, epidemiologists, clinicians, nutritionists, economists, philosophers, and lawyers. 

3. University of Bristol

This is one of the top places where you could get a M.Sc in Public Health. It will help you in acquiring the core skills that are needed in the Public Health course like epidemiology, health protection, practice of public health, health improvement, statistics, health economics, research methods and evaluation, ethics and healthcare services.  This course covers all the major topics which are required to be a professional in the UK and global healthcare sector. You will be prepared for government and private healthcare services for research and the not-for-profit sector. This programme is designed for students from both the backgrounds, clinical and non-clinical. The faculty will be from the UK Health Security Agency, local government and National Health Service (NHS) and research experts from multidisciplinary academic fields.

4. University of Nottingham

Best suited for Master of Public Health MPH/PGDip/PGCert, over the years, the University of Nottingham has been one of the top Universities in UK. It particularly stood out for maintaining a grand reputation for its postgraduate teaching in Public Health Sciences. By enrolling here, you get the opportunity to learn the latest and innovative ways of dealing with public health issues. At the University of Nottingham, some of the main public health modules taught here include public health and social science, epidemiology, ethics and health. 

5. Queen Mary University of London

The Queen Mary University of London is ideal for studying MSc or PG Diploma in Public Health. An important part of this course is that it includes a vocation training part, which ensures a more skill development-focused learning approach. Both medical and non-medical practitioners can enrol in this programme. In addition, this university also offers specialised courses in other Public Health domains for students willing to become esteemed public health professionals. 

Now that you are well informed about the demand for public health professionals and how choosing to study at UK can amplify your long-term career goals, decide quickly and apply to the top UK universities through KC Overseas. Our experts will guide you through the admission process, visa interview and any other paperwork. They will also ensure that you are making the right decision by providing you with all the required information. 

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