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Who we are?

An established & thriving Multinational EdTech Company, KC Overseas Education, is an organisation led by a team of industry veterans and is rapidly making its mark in the multi-billion-dollar global education industry. With robust operations & strong foothold across South Asia, South-East Asia & Africa, we are now aiming for an ambitious global footprint, swiftly expanding across other geographies.

How We Grew & Where We Are?

Our operations commenced as a start-up venture in 1998 with handful employees but a profound vision and commitment to excellence.

Over the years we evolved into the fastest growing edtech brand, with operations in more than 11 global locations, creating direct employment opportunities for 850+ professionals at our head office in Nagpur.

Our growth which was quite steady for nearly two decades skyrocketed with the launch of our EdTech platform ‘’ in 2017 marking the amalgamation of our years of industry expertise with high-end technology.

At present we are a rapidly growing Multinational EdTech Company, with 65+ Offices and operations across 11 countries in 3 continents i.e., India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam. 

Who We Are Looking For?

Our organization is transitioning through a high growth phase and as we aim for a global footprint, we are looking for enthusiastic, exceptional caliber; novice as well as seasoned professionals who can fit into the various roles that we have. 

We welcome quick learners who are comfortable in adapting faster to our work environment, picking up traits that this industry demands and are proficient communicators. We are also looking for trailblazers who won’t shy away from taking ownership of the situation, who can rise to the occasion and deliver exceptional results.

Growth opportunities are limitless for those who perform & contribute. So, if you are a problem solver and have an empathetic approach, you are a perfect fit for our team.

To get started check out our current job openings.

Our Core Values

At the heart of our organization, we are driven by our core values, which serve as our guiding principles and define our identity. 






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Perks at KC

Employee Wellness Programs

We organize different activities to help employees improve their physical, mental & emotional health.

Festival Celebrations

We celebrate festivals at work to boost morale, foster fellowship & create a sense of belonging.

Annual Sports Meets

We organize sports meets to help team members stay fit, reduce stress & improve team spirit.

Reward & Recognition

We have the culture of reward & recognition tend to appreciate team members for their caliber and contribution.

Annual Retreat

KC's annual retreat gives an excellent opportunity to employees to take a break from work, relax, rejuvenate & bond with their colleagues.

Medical Insurance

We offer medical insurance to our employees which help them take care of their health & well-being.

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