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Acceptance of 4 New English Language Tests for Canada SDS Visas

May 31, 2023

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In a significant development, Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has unveiled a game-changing update for students applying through the Student Direct Stream (SDS). Effective August 10, 2023, IRCC will now accept language test results from four new tests. This latest update will be opening doors to a wider pool of applicants and offer greater flexibility for international students seeking study permits to study in Canada.

The four newly eligible tests are the PTE Academic, TOEFL iBT Test, CELPIP General, and CAEL. These tests will serve as an alternative option to the previously accepted IELTS General and IELTS Academic. With this progressive move, IRCC aims to provide more opportunities to students and ensure a fair and inclusive application process.

To be considered for the SDS, applicants must demonstrate their proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. All 4 tests cover these English language abilities.

To be eligible for SDS, all these four tests have a minimum score requirement. Let’s get you familiarised with these requirements ahead. 

  • Pearson PTE Academic test results need to display a minimum score of 60.
  • For TOEFL iBT a minimum score of 83 is required.
  • The CELPIP General tests must showcase a score equivalent to the Canadian Language Benchmark of at least 7 in each of the four language-speaking abilities. 
  • CAEL test results also require a minimum score of 60.

It is essential to note that these tests must be taken in-person, online or remotely proctored tests will not be accepted for SDS applicants. This ensures the credibility and authenticity of the language proficiency assessment.

The Student Direct Stream in Canada was designed to accelerate the processing of study permits for students from specific countries, this also includes India. Thus, the legal residents of the countries that come under the SDS are eligible for this streamlined process. With a service standard of just 20 days for all SDS study permit applications, eligible students can experience faster processing times and a smoother transition to their Canadian educational journey.

This update from IRCC is fostering a more inclusive and accessible study permit application process for prospective students.

As these test results will be accepted from the 10th of August 2023, aspiring students are encouraged to explore the newly eligible language tests and select the one that aligns best with their strengths and abilities. 

This development undoubtedly ushers in a new era of possibilities for international students dreaming of pursuing their education in Canada through the Student Direct Stream.

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