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79% International Students Choose to Study in France

Nov 20, 2023

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Flabbergasting news for international students aspiring to pursue their higher education in France. Over 15 years the country recorded unprecedented growth in enrolments of global aspirants in 2022, surpassing 400,000 and securing its position as the world's sixth most sought-after destination. 

Isn’t it a great news! Let’s discuss more about this ahead. 

According to recent research conducted by, a staggering 79% of students opt to study in France due to the high quality of education offered by French educational institutions. This survey revealed that 1,015 global students show a keen interest in studying in France, with 71% recognizing Paris as the most popular city in the country. Furthermore, 40% chose Bordeaux and Marseille. This was followed by Lyon (37%), Strasbourg (31%), and Toulouse (28%) with 37%, 31% and 28% respectively.

France offers part-time work opportunities which facilitate students to aid their education financially, this solidifies France’s appeal, influencing 66% of students in their decision to study in France. What is particularly noteworthy is that 63% of the international students intend to stay and work in France after their graduation. The popularity of France extends beyond academics, with 57% of students recognizing career prospects as a compelling factor. Furthermore, the rich French culture with beauty and artistry significantly contributed to the country’s popularity, attracting 33% of international students.

This data reflects compelling factors of why study in France is a preferred choice for umpteen study abroad aspirants. In addition to all this, some of the top reasons for studying in France were research opportunities, affordability, and personal or family connections in the country.  Thus, if you want to steer your academic journey in the largest country in Western Europe, reach out to our Europe team today and get end-to-end assistance for your French academic voyage. 

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