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The Australian Government announces an End to VISA Hopping from 1st July 2024

Jun 27, 2024

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The Australian Government has tightened the visa application rules to limit a practice known as 'Visa Hopping '. This refers to the act of switching from one visa category to another, often with the aim of extending one's stay in the country. From July 1 onwards, visitor visa holders can no longer apply for an Australian student visa while onshore in Australia, announced the Minister of Home Affairs Clare O'Neil on June 12. 

Why End Visa Hopping? 

The decision to end the 'Visa Hopping' came after the increasing prevalence of the visitor-to-student visa pathway, with over 36,000 applications from July 1, 2023, to May 31, 2024. This trend was seen as a potential misuse of the visa system, leading to the decision to tighten the rules. The noteworthy visa subclasses affected by this new decision include the Temporary Graduate Visa, Visitor Visa, Electronic Travel Authority Visa, Medical Treatment Visa, eVisitor Visa, Transit Visa, Diplomatic Temporary Visa, Temporary Work Visa (International Relations), and Domestic Worker (Temporary) Visas.

Impact on Temporary Graduate Visa

The Temporary Graduate Visa holders will no longer have the option to apply for a student visa while in Australia. However, they are advised to seek skilled employment and become permanent residents. This change makes it clear that graduates should find skilled jobs and become permanent residents or depart the country. Similarly, those holding visitor visas aspiring to pursue education in Australia will be required to apply for a student visa Australia from outside the country. 

Implemented on December 11, 2023, these modifications are a part of Australia's new Migration Strategy Reforms. It also supports a range of other changes that are being implemented for Temporary Graduate visa holders on July 1. These include significantly shorter post-study work rights, reduced age limits from 50 to 35 years of age and increased English language requirements which were implemented in March.

Why the Migration Strategy Reforms?

Migration Strategy Reforms is designed to close the existing loopholes and address the issue of visa hopping. This is particularly among international students who stay in Australia on temporary visas for an indefinite period. It's crucial to understand that these changes are not a threat to international education in Australia, but a clear demonstration of the Government's dedication to upholding the integrity and quality of the sector.

As stated in the media release by the Ministry of Home Affairs Australia, the migration strategy presents a comprehensive plan to address the loopholes in international education. This is the next step in implementing that plan as Australia aims to establish a smaller, better planned, and more strategic migration system that aligns with the country's needs and goals.

Way Forward

So by and large we understand that the Australian government decided to end visa hopping owing to the increasing prevalence of the visitor-to-student visa pathway. Thus, it is advisable that students aiming to study in Australia should directly apply for a student visa to avoid further hassles and increase the chances of VISA approval. 

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