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Australian Government is Extending Post-Study Work Rights for International Students

Sep 10, 2022

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The Australian Government has announced extending the post-study work rights for international students. Australia’s Minister for Education, Jason Clare has made this announcement on 2nd September with an objective to boost skills and fulfil Australia’s skilled labour shortage. Post study work rights will be increased for degrees that comes under the category of verified skill shortage.              

This decision will prove to be very beneficial for students who are interested to study in Australia.

The government has planned to establish a working group consisting of representatives from the Departments of Home Affairs and Education, Universities Australia, Council of International Education, and the National Tertiary Education Union. This working group will develop a detailed report on extending the post-study work rights for international students. 


Updated Duration for Post Study Work Rights 

The post study work visa has been extended for selected degrees under areas of verified skills shortage. The updated timelines are given below 

  1. For Bachelor’s degrees the timeline has been extended from two years to four years
  2. For Master’s degrees the timeline has been extended from three years to five years
  3. For PhDs the timeline has been extended from four years to six years

The extension of two years will give international students additional opportunities to work in their respective careers. International students can get the exposure of working in Australia post their graduation and look for better career opportunities. 

The Australian government is also going to invest $36.1 million in visa processing. This will support the visa processing and avoid visa delays. The work hours for international students will be modified in June 2023, this will be done to promote the work and study balance. The government aims to retain majority of the students post their study in Australia. 

All this is indeed great news for Australia aspirants. If you are aiming to study abroad and wondering how to get admission in Australia, you can get in touch with KC’s Australia Experts who will not only give you the complete information but assist you with application, admission, and visa process. 

All these changes are for 2022-23 so schedule your appointment today!

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