Covid-19 Border Restrictions Changes in Australia-Latest Updates

Jul 29, 2022

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The Department of Home Affairs and the Australian Border Force has issued new guidelines that are effective from July 6, 2022. These guidelines differ for the states and territories of Australia. In the latest guideline new list of waivers and exemptions are provided by the government.

These guidelines will ease out travel hassle for people travelling to Australia from all around the world especially for students travelling to Australia for higher education. 

Given below are the guidelines that every traveller should keep a check on before arriving to Australia. 


General Guidelines

General guidelines issued by the government of Australia include:

  • People travelling to Australia should ensure that the visa is issued before you leave for the destination. 
  • Australian government has waived off the Digital Passenger Declaration or Maritime Travel Declaration for anyone travelling to Australia.
  • Travellers are not required to show vaccination certificates when they enter Australia. Travellers leaving Australia will not be asked to show their vaccination proof. 
  • Visa holders who are not vaccinated do not require travel exemption to travel to Australia. 
  • Wearing masks will be mandatory on flights travelling to Australia. However, travellers need to adhere to the guidelines issued by their countries and airlines as well.


International Travel Guidelines in Australia 

When international travellers are coming to Australia, 

  •  They are not required to provide negative COVID- 19 test report when they enter Australia. 
  • The Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) recommends you to wear masks in indoor area, but it is not compulsory for travellers to wear masks after they have reached Australia. It is mandatory to wear masks on flight. 
  •  Travel insurance is very important, as the Australian government will not cover the expenses if anything goes wrong.
  •  International travellers are given an option by the government to avail the free 

COVID – 19 vaccine from Australia’s COVID-19 vaccination program.


State and Territory Guidelines 

The states and territories of Australia have different guidelines that vary from each other. You should check the required guidelines of the states or territories that you will be travelling to. The required guidelines can be about the vaccination status, quarantine period, COVID - 19 tests on arrival, etc. These guidelines and restrictions might change on short notice by the Australian government. 

Post the spread of COVID – 19, various changes were made for all kinds of visa holders in Australia. The government is adding continuous changes in the visa categories especially for Study in Australia for International Students. Visa fee waivers, concession periods, visa fee refunds, etc., are some of the most general changes that were brought in by the government. 

The quick changes in the policies of Australian government relating to Covid-19 and the efforts that the government is taking, has encouraged travellers to visit Australia post COVID – 19 pandemic. 

That is why study in Australia is once again gaining ground among the international students and they have started applying for the upcoming intakes. Those who have already got the admits can connect to your consultants or universities and check when you can fly to your dream study destination.

KC’s Australia Experts can be of great help to you in this regard. Connect to them and get all the required details so that you head to your dream study abroad destination at the earliest.

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