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Germany, France, Italy, & Ireland: Most Sought-After Study Destinations for Indians

Jul 10, 2024

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In recent years, Europe is gaining ground as a sought-after study destination for Indian students for their higher education abroad. While the US, the UK, Canada and Australia have long been popular choices, countries like Germany, Italy, France, Finland and Ireland are now witnessing a significant influx of Indian students. 

Starting with Germany, over 43,000 Indian students enrolled to study in Germany in 2024. This marked a 100% increase over the past five years. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has played a crucial role in this growth by offering scholarships for Indian students, conducting information sessions, and fostering collaborations between Indian and German universities. 

Dr Bala Ramani, an expert on Indo-German relations, points out Germany’s proactive approach to addressing labor shortages by attracting international students. “Special programs are being implemented to actively support students in learning German, as required by companies. Additionally, companies are highly encouraged to make presentations to attract students for internships and projects”  he said

Talking about another top choice, France has been particularly proactive, exhibiting 31 Indian Erasmus students this year and aiming to attract 30,000 Indian students by 2030. Intriguingly, an ambitious plan supported by French President Emmanuel Macron includes expanding the network of Alliance Francaises across India to promote French language learning, launching Classes Internationales for a year of French study before degree programs, and simplifying the visa process for those who have studied in France.

Maud Le Bars, South Asia area manager at Omnes Education, highlights the benefits for Indian students in France. She mentioned “I think that France has a lot to offer to Indian students, and they would benefit a lot from looking at options as early as during their Bachelors. We offer excellence in many domains at a very affordable cost, and have over 1,700 programs not requiring French, which would allow a student to be trained well while eventually learning French on the side

Italy is also gaining popularity, with over 10,000 Indian students currently studying there and a 10% annual increase in applications. Uni-Italia, which promotes higher education in Italy, has facilitated collaborations between Indian and Italian institutions, making student mobility smoother. Moreover, Italian universities, such as Domus Academy Milano, draw Indian students by focusing on creative industries and offering English-driven programs with integrated internships.

Looking at aspirants aiming to study in Ireland, the country has seen a remarkable increase in Indian students, now numbering over 8,000. The country’s high global rankings, affordable tuition fees, and incredible work opportunities make it a desirable destination. Furthermore, Wendy Dsouza, senior VP at Enterprise Ireland, highlights that Irish institutions consistently perform well in global rankings and provide excellent education across various fields. 

As we see, these European countries have umpteen reasons to shine among Indian study-abroad aspirants, and what adds more weightage is their duration of post-study visa after course completion to explore numerous career opportunities. Let’s have a look at the duration of post-study visa in these European study destinations. 

CountryDuration of Post-Study Work Visa
Ireland & FranceUp to 2 Years
GermanyUp to 1.5 Years
ItalyUp to 1 Year

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