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France Crosses 400,000 International Students Mark in 2022

Sep 14, 2022

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A leading European Education Destination, France has crossed the 400,000 international student mark in the academic year 2022. This is the highest growth recorded in 15 years. The number of international students is further expected to increase in the next academic year 2022-23. 

The latest statistics from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shows the number of international students enrolling in the institutions of France has increased by 8% this year. 

Approx. 6,300 students have moved to France in the academic year 2022 for their higher studies. There was 9% increase in the number of Indian students moving to Study in France. Students from Morocco, Algeria, China, and USA also dominated the number of international students who chose France as their study destination.

This significant increase in the number of international students aiming to study in France is due to the improved rankings of the French Institutions. Another aspect that goes in favour of the students is that the tuition fees is relatively lower than other study abroad destinations. With various subsidies and financial aid provided by the French Government to international students, the overall cost of living in France is much economical as compared to other study destinations.

In short, France offers promising advantages to international students other than excellent multicultural experience opportunities and growth prospects. 

Admissions for the next academic year have begun in the French institutions and more than 140,000 students from 70 countries across the world have already applied to study through Etudes en France (An admissions and enrolment platform for higher education in France) by August 2022. The number of applications is expected to increase by 18% as compared to the pre-pandemic application numbers.

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