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The Flagship GMAT is Changing to the GMAT Focus Edition

May 31, 2023

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The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) has recently announced a new evolution of the GMAT Exam. The leading and popular GMAT Exam will now be known as the GMAT Focus Edition. This new exam is scheduled to arrive in late 2023.

As per the official announcement, even though the exam is scheduled for late 2023, both the free and paid preparation materials will be available for GMAT test takers from the 6th of June. You can find these materials on the official site of GMAT i.e., Furthermore, the registrations for the new GMAT Focus Edition will begin on the 29th of August, the exam slots will be available in the last quarter of the year.

The GMAT Focus Edition will have a series of changes pertaining to the exam duration, structure, content, scoring, results and more. To keep up with these changes, keep reading this piece of news to get familiarised with the new and upcoming GMAT Focus Edition. This will surely help you with your test preparation for GMAT.

Exam Structure 

To begin with the new changes, the exam structure has been streamlined, providing scope for select section order as per the test taker’s preference, and the format has been changed completely to a multiple-choice format. 


Furthermore, the new test will have a shorter test duration than its predecessor. The GMAT Focus Edition will have a test time of 2 hours and 15 minutes, with an optional break of 10 minutes. 


The new GMAT will now have three test sections, namely Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning and Data Insights. The essay section is completely removed from the GMAT. These 3 test sections will be given 45 minutes each. 

Exam Questions

The GMAT Focus Edition will have 64 questions in total. Among these questions, 21 questions will be asked for Quantitative Reasoning, 23 questions will be asked for Verbal Reasoning, and 20 questions will be asked for Data Insights.


In regard to the scoring range, the new exam will have a scoring range of 205 to 805, with score intervals of 10 points. Along with the total score and subsection scores, the Official Score Report will now include a percentile ranking. This percentile ranking will show what percentage of test takers you performed better than. Furthermore, the test takers will also receive detailed performance insights in their official score reports. 

Other New Features

In addition to all the above-mentioned changes, some of the new features of this exam also include a breakdown of time management throughout the exam in the report. Option for question review & edit for questions including bookmarked questions. Test takers can review as many questions as they want to, however, only three answers per section can be edited. The performance insight report will also specify the time spent reviewing and editing questions in each section.

With the new GMAT Focus Edition, test takers can send up to five free score reports to schools within 48 hours of receiving your report. Just like the previous GMAT exam, the exam results for the new edition will also be valid for five years.

With these new changes in the GMAT test, the new GMAT Focus Edition will be more efficient, flexible, and insightful.

Furthermore, if you are looking forward to taking GMAT Coaching for this new test, don’t worry, KC Overseas Education has got you covered. Our highly qualified faculty for the GMAT will provide you with comprehensive test preparation as per these new changes. At KC we provide online and offline batches for test takers, so get connected to our team to know more about the upcoming batches. 

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