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India Sets a New Record - Received the Highest Number of UK Student Visas in 2022

Mar 16, 2023

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A new record has been bagged by India. Out of the 2.8 lakh student visas issued by the UK in 2022, 25 percent were issued to Indians. This is the recorded highest number of student visas until now. In addition to this, New Delhi Embassy also recorded the highest number of student visas to study in the UK. This record setting news has been expressed by the British High Commissioner to India Alex Ellis.

In the previous year, the UK issued most of their visas to Indian applicants which also includes this record number of student visas. As per these new numbers, Indian students have overtaken the number of Chinese students who have been issued student visas in the UK.

Moreover, when compared to the figures for 2021, there has been a 73 percent increase in the number of student visas for Indians. An additional 130% increase was seen for work visas in the UK. 

These updates have come well in time as the UK government taking initiatives to welcome new migrants to the United Kingdom. One such scheme that is currently going on is the India-UK Young Professionals Scheme. This scheme is for graduates aged between 18 to 30 who are willing to live, study, travel, and work for a maximum of up to two years in the UK.

The first ballot was opened for the Indians on 28th February and closed on 2nd March 2023. As per this scheme, a sum of 2,400 work visas were made available for eligible Indian citizens. The duration of this visa will be 24 months. 

On a concluding note, this record setting number will further increase the number of visas issued by the UK for Indians. 

So, if you are planning to pursue your bachelors or masters in the UK, now is the most appropriate time for you to start with your applications for the upcoming academic intake. 

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