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Indians Studying in Ireland are at an All-time High: An Interview with Ireland’s Ambassador to India, Brendan Ward

Feb 03, 2023

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In recent times, the overseas education sector has grown significantly. This has resulted in a surge in the number of Indian students moving to study abroad for better career options. 

Among these leading study destinations, Ireland has been one of the popular European countries where more and more students are opting for international education every year and Indians top the international student count in Ireland at present.

With the current presence of nearly 50,000 students, Ireland has experienced a rise in the number of Indian students.  This increase in numbers has been at an all-time high.

Recently in an interview with Ireland’s Ambassador to India, Brendan Ward, Brendan has talked about his views on Ireland’s latest plans to enhance the study experience of Indian students studying in Ireland. Furthermore, he talked about the upcoming trends in the international education industry. 

Talking about Ireland as a study destination Brendan said, the enticing factor about this country is the universities in Ireland that are ranked among the highest in the world. Since it is an English-speaking country in Europe, Indian students won’t have any language barriers. Additionally, Indian students will get to study with students from 120 countries in the world. 

The presence of the 10 largest ICT companies in the world in Dublin increases employability prospects as well. The visa processing for Ireland is also efficient and the visa success rate for Indian applicants is 95%. To supplement income, students are allowed to work part-time for up to 20 hours a week. 

Talking about the possibilities of setting up Irish University Campuses in India, Brendan explained that keeping in mind the existing universities in India, none of the universities in Ireland are looking forward to establishing campuses in India as of now.  Moreover, there are nearly 21 agreements in process with Indian Institutions. This is regarding matters such as the possibility of joint degree programs, exchange of faculties, shared research, etc. 

Discussing the trends of inflation and recession affecting the inflow of students in Ireland,Brendan said that in the education sector, a couple of percentage points or the movements between currencies don’t really make a difference. 

Lastly, talking about his expectations from India’s Union Budget 2023 for the study abroad industry, Brendan said that since most of the overseas study in India is funded privately, as such the budget won’t have any implications in this sector. 

On a concluding note,  Brendan added that Ireland is expecting a 10% increase in the number of students moving to study in Ireland in 2023. 

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