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International Student Enrolments to Soar High in New Zealand with Govt. Support

Mar 30, 2024

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Great news from New Zealand! 

International student enrolments are bouncing back, and much faster. From a low of 11,820 international students in May 2022, the numbers climbed to 34,230 by mid-2023 and reached 28,725 by February 2024 - just 2 months into 2024! This resurgence is largely driven by students from China, India, and Japan, who have been key contributors even before the pandemic.

Well, looking ahead, there is a reason for optimism! EY, a leading research firm further predicts that by 2030, New Zealand's international education sector could fully recover to its pre-pandemic levels in terms of both enrolments and economic value. Recent data shows promising signs - In December 2023, immigration officials received 7,265 new student visa applications, similar to the volume from the previous year. Plus, visa processing times have been relatively quick, with an average of about 26 weekdays. 

With strong support from the government, the country is on track to increase international student enrolments for higher studies in New Zealand. This will be highly beneficial for both international students and the country's economy. 

With this in mind, National Tertiary Education Spokesperson Penny Simmonds said, “Supporting international education to recover will boost export revenue, create job opportunities, and strengthen global connections that will drive economic growth in New Zealand.”

He also stated, “Nationals will make a series of sensible changes to make New Zealand a more attractive destination for international students.”

Putting this thought into action, ENZ commissioned EY to not only assess the direct economic impact of international students but also to explore their broader influence on New Zealand society. When considering factors like labour supply and productivity, international students contribute approximately NZ$6 billion to New Zealand's GDP. This highlights the significant role of education in New Zealand in overall prosperity.

Although the country faced some setbacks a few years ago, they are highly determined to provide excellent academic support to international students. A recent survey by ENZ revealed that 84% of international students from 70 different countries have had a positive experience, with 83% indicating they would recommend New Zealand as a study destination, all these changes and efforts are indicating that the international enrolments are poised for a substantial increase. 

This was all the latest predictions and anticipated scope of increasing international student enrolments in New Zealand. Looking at these impressive numbers, the demand for study abroad consultants or study abroad recruiters is bound to rise. Thus, giving ample scope to guide and assist students aspiring to study in New Zealand. 

So, let us come together and offer unparalleled guidance and support to NZ Aspirants. 

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