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KC Explores Global Education Trends at The PIE Australia 2023

Sep 01, 2023

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We are thrilled to share the snippet of the PIE Australia 2023 event, which unfolded on the 24th and 25th of July at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, Gold Coast. This event showcased the pinnacle of innovation, collaboration, and insight in the global education arena and KC Overseas Education was honoured to be an integral part and a coffee- sponsor of this event.

The PIE events serve as dynamic platforms where professionals in the international education sector can communicate and collaborate. PIE Australia 2023 was no exception, offering a stage where insights were shared, panel discussions ignited, and connections with industry leaders from all across the globe who share a common vision of promoting Global Education in Australia and beyond. 

Representing KC Overseas Education at the event were Mr. Vipin Mokadam, AVP Branch Operations, and Mr. Hrithik Agrawal, Manager Australia. Their presence resonated throughout the event as they engaged in meaningful interactions with University Representatives, Partner Recruiters, and Industry Experts. They discussed Industry updates, opportunities, challenges, strategies, and policy matters which will have a great impact in shaping the future of global education.

KC Overseas Education believes in collaborating beyond boundaries and promoting global-level events. KC’s engagement as the coffee sponsor of the PIE Australia 2023 event reflected just that. Our vision extended beyond the conventional, as we curated an interesting coffee lounge that not only provided refreshments but also nurtured an environment where attendees could connect, collaborate, and kindle new ideas. Encouraging meaningful interactions and providing a scope to network was at the heart of this coffee lounge initiative.

A leading brand in the overseas education sector, KC Overseas welcomes collaboration from study abroad recruiters in Asia, South-East Asia, and Africa to collectively support the aspirants in fulfilling their dreams of pursuing higher education abroad. By leveraging KC’s 25 years of industry presence, 750+ global university tie-ups, tech-enabled solutions, extensive student resources, and an accomplished team of 850+ KCians, KC intends to boost the recruitment numbers of its partners by providing end-to-end support.

Study abroad recruiters interested in building this connection can reach out to our Regional Managers or Regional Officers for more details. 

Let’s collaborate to make a lasting impact on the ever-expanding overseas education market!

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