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KC Overseas Education at the CBIE Conference, Vancouver, Canada

Dec 21, 2023

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CBIE 2023 became a meeting place for international education professionals from across Canada and around the world. Amidst the cityscape of Vancouver, British Columbia, the prestigious Vancouver Convention Centre became a hub of innovation, collaboration, and progressive ideas from 26th to 29th November 2023. 

KC Overseas Education was a part of this renowned conference. Our Executive Director Mr. Zubin Deboo and Director Mr. Videh Agrawal connected with University Representatives, Partner Recruiters, and Industry Experts.

The CBIE conference had over 1,150 participants from more than 40 countries. With 65+ thought-provoking sessions, dynamic keynote speakers, and meaningful networking opportunities, this conference became a space for international education professionals to learn, connect and be inspired.

Under the theme of "Our Shared Journey," CBIE 2023 ignited an atmosphere of global engagement and shared purposes. For KC Overseas Education, Mr. Zubin Deboo and Mr. Videh Agrawal engaged fervently with international education professionals. 

As Mr. Zubin Deboo expressed, "CBIE 2023 has provided a nexus where vision meets action. It's not just about networking; it's about collaborating on a global canvas to paint a brighter future for international education."

In the echoes of this conference, KC Overseas Education emerges not just as an attendee but as an active participant, contributing to the collective discussion on shaping the landscape of international education. Team KC also shared recruitment insights from the top source countries of Asia and Africa. 

As the curtains draw on CBIE 2023, the ripples of innovation and collaboration shall continue to reverberate, with KC Overseas Education leading the charge in redefining the horizons of global education. A top brand in this industry, KC Overseas welcomes collaboration from study abroad recruiters in Asia, South-East Asia, and Africa to collectively support study abroad aspirants. With 25 years of industry presence, 750+ global university tie-ups, tech-enabled solutions, and extensive student resources, KC intends to boost the recruitment numbers of its partners by providing end-to-end support.

Watch this space for more such updates on higher education abroad from KC Overseas Education. Student recruiters interested in building an association with KC can reach out to our Regional Managers or Regional Officers for more details.

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