KC Overseas Education representing German Career Immersion Program - Study Abroad in Germany for INR 7,00,000

Oct 18, 2022

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Training participants on Made-in-Germany technology across 17+ disciplines to get an apprenticeship and earn a 3-year diploma course with €800-1000 on arrival to getting a job offer of up to € 3,200 / month.

INLEAD's (Indian Institute of Learning and Advanced Development) German Career Immersion Program is a fast-paced program offered in conjunction with NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) that will help 5,000+ Indian youth gain modern skills and boost their employability in Germany. This immersion program is designed to equip participants with the linguistic tools, technical know-how, and cultural understanding they'll need to start new careers as "trainee employees" at German enterprises and continue their college studies.

Studying and working in Germany is a significant accomplishment that demands more than just knowing the language. To better prepare for life in Germany, INLEAD has developed a comprehensive program that includes training in various areas, including language, technical knowledge, social and cultural values, and German work ethics. Through its collaboration with the Duales Ausbildungssystem (Dual Education System), INLEAD assists students at every stage of the learning process. 

KC Overseas Education is now representing the German Career Immersion Program. The trainee in the Duales Ausbildungssystem is employed by a German firm and enrolled in a vocational school, allowing for a comprehensive education in both theories and practice. Most graduates from the Ausbildung Program are offered full-time positions by their host companies. This brings to light several fantastic opportunities for aspirants who want to study in Germany.


Eligibility for the Ausbildung

Participants must be young adults (21-25 years old) from India who have earned a bachelors’ degree or higher from an institution approved by the Indian Ministry of Education.

The Federal Republic of Germany ranks highly on all worldwide indices as a Nation of Choice, making it a fantastic option for study, work, and personal development. Given these benefits of living in Germany, INLEAD hopes you'll seriously consider participating in the German Career Immersion Program.


Perks of the Program 

  • Globally Recognized Program: Upon arrival in Germany, participants in the Ausbildung Program can earn between €800 and €1,000 per month, and graduates have the chance to find employment in Germany at salaries of up to €3,200 per month.
  • Work Opportunities: Opportunities for Foreign Nationals to Establish Successful Careers in Germany's Information Technology, Telecommunications, Energy, Healthcare, Construction, Hospitality, and Related Industries are Abundant.
  • European Citizenship: A German citizen can visit 173 countries visa-free, including the United States and Canada.
  • Safe Environment: With 13% of its population being foreign-born and 10.6 million residents, Germany is a global magnet due to its reputation for safety and good quality of life.
  • Lifestyle and Liberal Society: In today's Germany, you can be anything you want to be, thanks to the country's vibrant culture and wide range of opportunities.
Choose to study abroad in Germany for INR 7,00,000 and obtain a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to turn your life into a highly regarded lifestyle! Candidates interested in learning and earning through their education and pursuing professional careers in Germany can begin the application process right now or seek advice from our team of specialists. At KC Overseas Education, we assist you not just in starting your journey to study in Germany but to accelerate your career into a stellar one! 

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