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A Detailed Overview of Revised Standardized Test Fees

Feb 12, 2024

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As the pursuit of higher education continues to go beyond borders, standardized tests remain an important and fundamental component for study abroad aspirants. These assessments not only gauge academic proficiency but also serve as a universal benchmark for admissions into esteemed institutions worldwide. In an effort to streamline this process, many standardized test providers have recently announced revisions to their fee structures. Thus, aiming to better accommodate the needs of prospective international students. Buckle up as we look into the key highlights of these updates.

GRE Test Fee

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a decisive assessment test for graduate school admissions and has undergone a revision in its fee structure. As of the latest update, the registration fee for the GRE starts at INR 22,550. Furthermore, candidates opting for additional test score reporting will have to pay a fee of INR 2900.

GMAT Test Fee

Similarly, the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) widely recognized by business schools globally, has also witnessed a revision in its fee schedule. The updated GMAT exam fees now start at US $275. Candidates requesting additional test score reports will be charged US $35 per report.

SAT Test Fee

For aspiring undergraduates, the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) plays an essential role in the admissions process. With the recent fee revision, the registration fee for the SAT exam now stands at US $121.54. Furthermore, candidates seeking additional test score reports will need to pay US $14 per report.

ACT Test Fee

The American College Testing (ACT) is an alternative to the SAT and has also undergone a revision in its fee structure. For candidates opting for the ACT with the essay component, the registration fee is US $206.50. However, for those opting for the ACT without the essay, the registration fee is US $181.50. Plus, each extra test score report will cost you US $18.50.

These are the revised fee structures that you must know if you are planning to take any of these standardised tests this year. 

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