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Reopening Parent Resident Visa Category with changes on October 12, 2022 - New Zealand Govt

Oct 17, 2022

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In a news statement New Zealand's Minister of Immigration, Michael Wood has disclosed certain modifications to the immigration laws. Michael Wood stated that "labor shortages continue to be a global symptom as the world recovers from COVID-19."

No new applications have been accepted into the parent category since 2016. However, the modifications will now enable skilled immigrants and their parents to reapply for residency.

Michael Wood contends that a new, "simplified" system for skilled migrant visas with no numerical cap will be fairer and more open. To enable parents of migrants to join them in New Zealand, the Parent Category Visa will also be revived with reduced income requirements and a greater limit.

Many international students who choose Education in New Zealand, stay on after they graduate by getting jobs. A post-study work visa enables students who have completed coursework leading to a degree at level 7 or higher to work for any company in the nation. International students who are already employed in the country are relieved by this announcement, which will help the nation's labor need.

Following are the Amendments to the Parent Category:

  • Parent category reopens with greater cap and the lower income threshold
  • The Parent Category visa will also reopen on November 14 for those who have already shown interest and are waiting in line. New expressions of interest will be subject to a vote starting on October 12; the first candidate will be chosen in August 2023.
  • With reduced income criteria of 1.5 times the median wage for one sponsor supporting one parent and 2 times the median wage for joint sponsors, the number of these visas issued each year would rise from 1000 to 2500. For a single sponsor or joint sponsor, the prior criterion was 2x the median wage. For both, the median wage was 3x.
  • Additionally, applications from siblings may have up to six parents listed as joint applicants, with the income requirement rising by 0.5 times the median parent earnings.

Resuming selections from the current Expressions of Interest queue is a priority, and Wood acknowledged the significance of this for many immigrant families.

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