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Pfizer's Biggest Expansion Investment in Ireland to date - 400 to 500 jobs added

Dec 19, 2022

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PHARMA GIANT PFIZER recently revealed plans to invest €1.2 billion and develop a new plant in Dublin, adding hundreds of jobs in the process.

The capacity for the production of biological medicinal substances will be doubled by the new facility, which will be constructed on the site at Grange Castle in west Dublin.

400 to 500 new job roles will be created as a result of the initiative, which will be the single-largest investment made by Pfizer in Ireland to date.

Pfizer’s present headcount in Ireland is 5000 and it will go up to 5,500 with these new roles to be added.

The announcement has been welcomed by BioPharmaChem Ireland (BPCI), the IBEC group that represents the biopharma and chemical industries in Ireland.

According to its director Matt Moran, the industry exports goods worth more than €100 billion yearly, directly employs over 42,000 people, and indirectly supports a further 42,000 people.

"The industry must continue to invest in these types of sophisticated manufacturing projects to support the sector's continued expansion and ability to compete globally for resources and people. It is wonderful to see Pfizer support the Irish business model, and BPCI and the sector enthusiastically welcome this investment," Moran continued.

Leo Varadkar, Tánaiste of Ireland, commented on the investment: "The pharma sector is such an important part of the Irish economy and the commitment shown by Pfizer to further develop its company here is excellent news.

People all across the world are saved and have their lives improved by the work done at their facilities in Ireland.

I am extremely happy to see that they are still a strong presence in Dublin and throughout Ireland.”

Pfizer has been present in Ireland for more than 50 years, and this significant new investment, which will expand the company's existing activities and employment opportunities here, emphasises the strategic importance of Ireland to Pfizer's global operations. It demonstrates the business' sustained dedication to Ireland and attests to the country's ongoing investment appeal.

Ireland has long been considered one of the top countries in the world for commercial expansion by firms like Pfizer and many others.

Did you realise? More than 1,000 top multi-national companies/corporations have chosen their European headquarters to be in Ireland! Businesses that need a highly capable, educated, and skilled workforce to propel their success opted to establish in Ireland.

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The possibility of a stay-back visa is yet another compelling reason for international students to study abroad in Ireland. Graduates can apply for one or two-year stay-back visas if they want to continue their education or pursue a profession in Ireland after they graduate. With so many major multinational corporations investing in Ireland, international students who decide to study in Ireland have a promising career outlook.

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