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The UK Government Introduces eVisas to replace Biometric Residency Permits by 2025

Apr 29, 2024

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If you are aspiring to study in the UK for the upcoming academic intake, we've got some fresh updates that you won't want to miss. The United Kingdom is changing its immigration system with the introduction of eVisas. That's right – the UK government is planning to change the physical biometric residency permits to digital visas. With the latest implementations, it is anticipated that by 2025, nearly all visa holders living in the UK will have an eVisa. Immigrants already in the UK can be rest assured as this won’t affect their current immigration status or rights in the UK.

To put things into action, the Home Office has already started sending emails to all foreign nationals with physical immigration documents from 17th April 2024. Commonly known as biometric residence permits (BRPs), these physical documents are proof of immigration status. The government plans to send these invitation emails in phases before the process of digitalization commences in Summer 2024 for all BRP holders.

To get an eVisa, immigrants are expected to open a UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) account and update all the required information. Furthermore, there are no additional costs required to get this eVisa and as specified it won’t affect the current immigration status or rights of foreign nationals in the UK.

This change isn't just about discarding physical documents; it's about ushering in a new era of efficiency and security. Now, you can breeze through the visa with the click of a button, making your journey in the UK smoother and stress-free.

Additionally, by going digital, the UK government is putting up some serious shields against fraudsters. This change is also eliminating the scope of loss and abuse of physical documents thus offering utmost security to immigrants in the country. 

Sharing the vision behind this digital change, Mr Tom Pursglove MP, Minister for Legal Migration and the Border stated, “We’ve already taken significant steps to digitally transform the border and immigration system, and this wider rollout of eVisas is a key part of that process. Replacing physical immigration documents with eVisas will ensure firm control over who comes here to live, work or study, strengthening border security and preventing abuse of the immigration system, while delivering cost savings for UK taxpayers.”

Foreign nationals who already have an eVisa, can assess their UKVI account as usual and update personal information if required. With these steps and measures, physical immigration documents will be gradually phased out by 2025 offering greater convenience for immigrants moving to the UK.

These are the latest changes that you must be aware of if you are planning to study in the UKfor the upcoming academic intake. To understand more about this latest change or to apply for the upcoming intakes you can connect to KC’s UK Experts. Our experts will not just give you the desired information but assist you throughout the process of application, admission, and visa process. In short, they will give end-to-end assistance till you land in your dream study destination.

Until then, keep your eyes hooked for more such updates to stay informed, and keep dreaming big!

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