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UK's Latest Directives: What International Students Need to Know

May 29, 2023

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The UK Government has recently announced a series of changes and updates for international students aiming to study in the UK. According to the official statement released on the 23rd of May 2023, these changes will be effective for students starting their courses from January 2024.

So, to help you be completely aware of the new rules and updates, let’s deep dive into this announcement that every aspirant planning to study in UK must know. 

The Good News

The good news is that there are no changes to the Graduate route visa (post-study work visa). Thus, international students are permitted to stay and work after their bachelors or masters in UK for two years as per the previous visa norms. This is a great opportunity for students who were holding their plans to study in the UK due to the rumours going around pertaining to changes in the post-study work visa. So, grab this chance and secure your admission to the leading UK universities for the upcoming September intakes. Complete your application before the seats get filled for this intake.

The Cautions

Coming to the new rules and updates that international students should be cautious about.

International students can no longer switch from a study visa to a work visa before completing their course. This restriction is initiated due to the growing trend of newly arrived students dropping out to work in the UK.

Another major update that the government has announced is banning international students from bringing their family members with them as dependents. This ban is only for students studying taught master’s courses in the UK. However, students pursuing postgraduate courses designated as research programs, including a PhD, can still bring their family as dependents under the new rules set out by the UK Government. Also, international students pursuing a PhD are eligible for a 3-yearGraduate route visa (post-study work visa). This ban and reduction in the number of dependent visas will help student visa holders get additional part-time job opportunities.

Furthermore, the government will also have a review of the funds for eligible students, so the students will have to demonstrate that they can look after themselves and their dependents in the UK.

This ban is a temporary measure to reduce the net migration of dependents as the number of dependent visas granted is massively increasing every year. Moreover, the UK government is looking for an alternative approach to ensure the best and the brightest students can bring dependants to the country. 

Additionally, the government will keep a check and restrict international student agents who may be supporting students with inappropriate applications. 

These new rules and updates have been introduced to prevent the misuse of the visa system in the UK. So, if you are looking forward to pursuing your higher education abroad in the UK, you need not worry about anything. The student visa application norms are still the same. 

These new changes by the UK government are to keep the immigration policies under review.

If you want to get clarity on this news update and want to know more about the impact of these changes on your student visa, feel free to connect with our UK experts at KC Overseas Education. Our highly qualified team of counselors will guide you as per your profile and eligibility. 

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