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US Student VISAs on High Priority; Visa Waiting Time Down

May 20, 2024

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The United States Embassy and Consulates in India are giving top priority to the Indian students in processing their student visa applications, recognizing the increasing number of Indian students applying for the US Student VISA for higher studies. 

In a recent interview at the American Center, US Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti, spoke about the United States’ commitment to expediting the student visa process for Indian Students. Ambassador Garcetti revealed that President Joe Biden himself has directed him to expedite visa processing for Indian applicants, marking a historic moment in US diplomatic relations. 

"It’s the first time in American history that a President has told an ambassador to get the visa waiting times down," Garcetti exclaimed.

The international universities in the United States attract many Indian students to study in USA for numerous reasons like high quality of education, multicultural experiences, thriving career prospects and a lot more. 

In the year 2023, US consular team in India issued over 1,40,000 student visas – which is the highest number than that of any other study abroad destination for the third consecutive year in a row. It seems that this trend is only expected to soar higher as more and more Indian students set their sights on academic opportunities in the United States.

"Even in a record-breaking year, and India became the number one source of students in higher education in the US last year, almost twice the amount of the second highest country of origin, we were able to accommodate all the students that needed to come get visas to US with appointments," the US envoy said.

In short, whether you're aiming to study at the prestigious Ivy League institutions or any US university and looking forward to experiencing the country’s vibrant culture, now is the right time to turn your aspirations into reality. 

With the United States prioritizing student visas for Indian applicants, it’s the time to seize this incredible opportunity to embark on a transformative educational journey in the United States.

So, those who have already got the admits need to start preparing for their visa interviews and those who are yet to begin your application process for the US academic voyage can approach KC’s US Experts. As one of the leading consultancies for higher education abroad, KC’s end-to-end services ensure that you accomplish your academic aspirations without any glitches. 

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Let’s embark on your study in the US journey right away.

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