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USA - A Top Choice among Study Abroad Aspirants as per a recent Survey

May 08, 2024

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Shedding light on the changing trends in international education preferences, a recent survey reveals that the United States has emerged as the top choice among study abroad aspirants, particularly from countries like India, Pakistan, Vietnam, and Nigeria. The presence of quality education at esteemed Universities and Institutions continues to draw students to the US.

Let’s discuss more about the key findings of this survey and what makes the US a perennial favourite for higher education abroad

Key Findings of this Survey

The survey was conducted among prospective Undergraduate and Postgraduate students from countries like India, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Vietnam.

It highlights that 69% of Indian students prefer the US over other prominent destinations like the UK, Canada, and Australia. Nonetheless, 54% Indians wanted to study in the UK, followed by 43% who preferred Canada, and lastly 27% considered Australia as their preferred study destination. 

According to the survey done on Pakistani and Vietnamese students, 63% of Pakistani and 64% of Vietnamese students also preferred to study in the USA. Also, 38% of Vietnamese students considered studying in Australia as well.

When Nigerian students were surveyed, the results implied that Canada was a preferred choice with 69% of students considering it for higher education. It was followed next by the UK with 68%, the US was third on the list with 53% and Australia was fourth with 14%. 

Furthermore, this survey also talked about the role of parental opinions that significantly shaped students' decisions. With a considerable majority from India (71%), Pakistan (71%), Nigeria (72%), and Vietnam (62%), students believe that their parent's opinions strongly impact their decisions on educational pursuits.

The findings of this survey also confirmed that the University's reputation, the quality of education and the cost of study emerge as top factors influencing students' decisions, with distinctions in preferences observed across different countries. For instance, the US is a leading choice due to the top-notch education quality. Canadian study experience is particularly appealing due to the opportunity to work while studying. The UK is perceived as more affordable and Australia stands out as the most popular destination for scholarship applications, offering promising opportunities with financial aid. 

While we’re on the topic of seeking guidance, it brings us to the next dimension of this survey. 35% of Indian and Nigerian students stated that they would prefer to take the assistance of education agents or study abroad consultants in shortlisting the study destinations. It implies the importance of professional guidance for international education. However, when it comes to Pakistani students 23% said they would visit a consultant and 22% of the Vietnamese students agreed for the same. Additionally, Vietnamese students expressed that they would also check the social media channels of their shortlisted universities while Pakistani students wanted to check the university’s website for more information. 

So, in short, we can gauge that the US still tops the list of study destination preferences and we can focus on student recruitment from these source countries.  

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