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Cost of Living in USA: An All-Inclusive List of Expenses for International Students

Jul 05, 2024

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The USA is a popular destination for international students that want a high-quality education and a multi-dimentional cultural experience. However, the cost of living in the USA can be a concerning factor for many. From the bustling streets of New York City to the sunny beaches of Los Angeles, the expenses can vary greatly depending on the City.

In this article, we'll break down the living costs for international students in the Top 5 Student Cities in the USA, covering everything from Accommodation to Healthcare. But that’s not all, to help you manage these expenses we will also explore various ways of funding your Higher Education. Therefore, making your dream of studying in the USA more achievable than ever before. 

So, if you're ready to embark on an unforgettable journey, keep reading to discover why studying in USA is worth the investment.

Estimated Living Costs for International Students in the USA


1. Accommodation

The cost of Accommodation in the Top 5 Student Cities in the USA are given below:

CityCost per Annum
Boston $18,528
New York$19,560
San Francisco$23,400
Los Angeles$30,504

Accommodation is one of the most important expense for an international student. The cost of accommodation for a student living in the Top 5 Cities in the USA ranges from $18,000 to $30,000 per year. 

There are many different options for accommodation in the USA that students can choose from. There are affordable options available like off-campus accommodation, however, students need to spend on different aspects like everyday transportation. Living on-campus can be slightly expensive but it saves money on travel and food.

2. Food

The cost of Food in the Top 5 Student Cities in the USA are given below:

CityCost per Annum
Boston $6,561
New York$3,000
San Francisco$2,088
Los Angeles$4,452

Food is another essential cost of living. For international students living in the USA, there are many options for food. Students can try cuisines from around the world and find affordable eating options to save their cost to study in USA

The best part of living as an international student in the USA is that there are various offers and discounts available for students. By showing the student IDs these discounts can be availed.

3. Groceries 

The cost of Groceries in the Top 5 Student Cities in the USA are given below:

CityCost per Annum
Boston $1,920
New York$3,000
San Francisco$4,686
Los Angeles$4,500

Groceries are an expense for students who want to eat healthy and cook on their own. There are grocery stores around the country that offer various discounts for students.

Students can even opt for various weekly markets that are set up and can have fresh produce. According to studies farmer’s markets in the US are 22% cheaper compared to supermarkets when it comes to groceries.

4. Transportation 

The cost of Transportation in the Top 5 Student Cities in the USA are given below:

CityCost per Annum
Boston $2,648
New York$3,016
San Francisco$2,890
Los Angeles$432

Travel and transportation are an important part of a student’s life it helps them to reach from place to place. It is essential, especially for the students who do not live on campus. 

The USA offers a lot of public transport facilities like Taxis, Buses, Subways, Railcars and more. You can save money on this by choosing the most affordable option for travel. For short distances, Buses are a good option for long distances you can choose Trains or affordable Flights.

5. Health Insurance

The cost of Health Insurance in the Top 5 Student Cities in the USA are given below:

CityCost per Annum
Boston $3,280
New York$1000-$2000
San Francisco$1,248
Los Angeles$1,560

USA has some of the best health services around the world, these services come at a price. International students need to have mandatory health Insurance during their study period. This secures them during their stay and helps them by reducing the cost of treatment for illnesses significantly during their study in USA.

6. Study Materials

The cost of Study Materials in the Top 5 Student Cities in the USA are given below:

CityCost per Annum
Boston $2,200
New York$1,442
San Francisco$1,200
Los Angeles$1,011

As a student, it is important to have the required study material as it allows them to conduct their studies in the best way possible. The cost of study supplies includes Textbooks, Stationery, and Electronics like a Laptop or a Personal Computer that can facilitate learning. These costs can be saved to an extent by spending sparingly on books and writing materials. 

Nowadays there are many online resources available that can help save money on books and keeping notes on your laptop can help to save money on stationary.

7. Miscellaneous Expenses 

The Miscellaneous Costs in the Top 5 Student Cities in the USA are given below:

CityCost per Annum
Boston $1,938
New York$500
San Francisco$363
Los Angeles$ 1,370

Apart from the various costs that we have looked at above, many additional expenses are essential and can be combined into one category. Costs like Phone and Internet Bills, Entertainment and so on are expenses that you will have to pay for during your stay. 

To conclude this article, these are the essential expenses required for studying in the USA. From Accommodation to Study Materials, there is a difference in costs in different Cities. However, there are ways to save money by using student discounts and working part-time.

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