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MSc in Computer Science in Ireland: Top Universities, Popular Specializations & More

Jul 03, 2024

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Ireland has a rich history of innovation that extends to the cutting edge of computer science.  This island nation nicknamed the ‘Land of Saints and Scholars,’ fosters a dynamic academic environment where students can refine their skills and become future tech leaders. 

If you're fascinated by Artificial Intelligence or drawn to the world of Cybersecurity, earning an MSc in Computer Science degree in Ireland goes beyond just acquiring knowledge. Imagine yourself immersed in a vibrant community of international peers, mentored by leading professors, and gaining practical experience through industry collaborations.  This unique blend of academic rigor, cultural immersion, and industry preparedness are some reasons why study in Ireland will propel you towards a fulfilling career in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Let’s find out more about the course and all the opportunities it encompasses!

Table of Content

  1. Overview of MSc in Computer Science in Ireland 
  2. Top Universities for MSc in Computer Science in Ireland
  3. Popular MSc in Computer Science Specializations 
  4. Tuition Fees to Study MSc in Computer Science
  5. Eligibility Criteria for International Students 
  6. Application Process for MSc in Computer Science
  7. Job Opportunities for MSc in Computer Science Graduates

Overview of MSc in Computer Science in Ireland 

  • MSc in Computer Science course offers students advanced concepts that help them enhance their understanding and skills related to Computer Science.
  • It is a 1-year Course that focuses on subjects like Computer Networks, Mobile Development, Information Security, Agile Software Development and more.
  • The Course is offered by many Top Universities in Ireland, with multiple specialization options.
  • It is an In-demand Course that opens opportunities for High-paying Jobs in Ireland as well as Globally. 

Having got an overview of the course let’s check out some of the major universities in Ireland that offer this course.

Top Universities for MSc in Computer Science in Ireland

Here are some of the Top Universities to study MSc in Computer Science along with their QS World University Rankings 2025:

  • Trinity College Dublin (#87)
  • University College Dublin (#126)
  • University College Cork (#273)
  • University of Galway (#273)
  • Maynooth University (#801-850)
  • Technological University Dublin (#851-900)

After having a glance at the Irish Universities, let’s look at some of the Computer Science specializations to study here.

Popular MSc in Computer Science Specializations 

Here are the 3 most sought-after specializations to pursue in this course. 

1. Augmented & Virtual Reality

The MSc in Computer Science course in Augmented and Virtual Reality enables students to participate in the designing and development of technology, underpinning the interactive entertainment industries like the video game market, the metaverse and wider industries of new media and communication. 

This 1-year Master’s Degree course is designed and taught by pioneers in their fields. The cutting-edge nature of the course combined with expert faculty make it a popular choice to study masters in Ireland.

2. Future Networked Systems

The MSc in Computer Science in Future Networked Systems teaches students to develop software systems. The course deals with large-scale cyber and physical and distributed systems that require novel approaches that address timelines, privacy, and scale challenges. 

The course makes students adept with skills and knowledge to tackle challenges and take up careers in the field of Computer Science or related areas. It covers advanced aspects like Social Networking through the Internet of Things to Cloud Computing.

3. Adaptive Cybersecurity

The MSc in Computer Science course with a specialization in Adaptive Cybersecurity is growing in popularity due to its relevance as it aims to protect citizens, businesses, and organizations against complex cyber threats. The course prepares students to deal with the complexity and sophistication of the new means of attack, detection, protection, and mitigation.

Adaptive Cybersecurity teaches advanced dynamic techniques, algorithms, and frameworks to protect and manage various systems and organisations against emerging threats. With this specialization, students will learn about cutting-edge technical training and research opportunities in emerging areas of AI and data-driven cybersecurity. 

Reading about the popular specializations to pursue Masters in Computer Science in Ireland raises some curiosity about the cost of education in Ireland for this course. So, let’s have look.

Tuition Fees to Study MSc in Computer Science

Here is the cost of studying MSc in Computer Science at different Universities in Ireland:

Name of the University Tuition Fees (Annual)
Trinity College Dublin€26989
University College Dublin€29100
University College Cork€18900
University of Galway€27000
Technological University Dublin€21750
Maynooth University €18000

Until now, we have looked at the Top Universities, Popular Specializations, and Tuition Fees. Now let’s see what it takes to be eligible for an admit in this course.

Eligibility Criteria for International Students 

The eligibility criteria to study the course as an international student are as follows:

  • An Upper Second-class Honours Degree grade or higher from a recognized University for Computing or Related Subjects
  • Proven Programming Experience. Candidates will have to complete a programming test in languages like C, C++ or Java before taking the course. Students will also have to be familiar with Python and other programming languages as some modules might require them.
  • International Students will also have to give proof of their English Language Proficiency. Universities in Ireland accept scores of popular language proficiency tests like IELTS, PTE, TOEFL iBT and DET. 

The scores required for each test are as follows:

Name of the TestOverall ScoreMinimum Score

Now let’s look at the application process.

Application Process for MSc in Computer Science

Here is how international students can apply for this course in Ireland:

Step 1: Students can start by shortlisting the course and its specialization on the university’s website

Step 2: Go through all the eligibility requirements for the course

Step 3: Collect all the required documents

Step 4: Apply to the course with all the required documents, pay the application fees and submit

Step 5: Once approved, confirm enrolment by paying the required tuition fees and then start the student visa application process

After studying at the university, it’s time to step out into the world and become self-reliant, but what are the job opportunities available? Let’s take a look.

Job Opportunities for MSc in Computer Science Graduates

Numerous well-paying career opportunities are available for postgraduates in this course. Some of the popular job roles after completing the course are:

Job Roles Average Annual Salary
Senior DevOps Engineer€108,842
Senior Software Engineer€92,500
Senior Software Architect€91,000
Mobile Application Developer€70,697
Machine Learning Engineer€61,726

As we conclude this article on MSc in Computer Science in Ireland, this course offers students a comprehensive understanding of advanced Computer Science concepts, cutting-edge specializations, and a wide range of job opportunities. With Top Universities like Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, and University College Cork offering this course, students can expect to gain a world-class education.

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