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Cost of Education in Ireland: Tuition Fees, Living & Other Expenses

Sep 04, 2023

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Ireland is the fastest-growing economy in Europe. It has ranked number 10 globally for high-quality scientific research and is also among the top 20 countries with the best education system worldwide. These are some of the main reasons why more and more students are opting to study in Ireland and pursue a career there. 

If you too aspire to study in Ireland, it is important to know the cost involved so you can prepare accordingly. In this article, we will be giving you all the essential details about the cost of education and living in Ireland for international students.

Tuition Fees

The most important aspect of your cost of studying abroad is the tuition fee, depending on the university, course and program the tuition fee will vary. Students usually go to study UG, and PG level courses in Ireland the average tuition fee for which is as follows:

  • UG Courses- EUR 8000 – EUR 20000 per annum
  • PG Courses or Masters in popular fields- EUR 9950 – EUR 35000 per annum

Apart from this, some universities also charge examination fees or functional charges, you will have to check with your university for this information.

Student Visa

To be able to stay in Ireland to pursue your higher education, you need to apply for the right type of visa. Depending on the duration of your program you can opt for a Type C or Type D visa to study in Ireland. The cost for either of the visa will be EUR 60.

Air Fare

Airfare from India to Ireland will be approximately EUR 700. Though it is a one-time expense it is better if you keep this in mind while calculating the yearly charges for your studies in Ireland as it is necessary. 


Another crucial factor for studying abroad is your accommodation expense. Most universities provide a residential option to their students such as hostels, residence halls etc. You can also opt for a private hostel or rent an apartment. The cost of accommodation mainly depends on the locality and whether you are staying alone or with a partner. Here’s a breakdown for each type of accommodation:

  • University Hostel - EUR 200-300 per month
  • Living On Campus - EUR 300- 650 per month
  • Living Independently in an Apartment- EUR 400-900 per month
  • Sharing an Apartment- EUR 450-550

Living Cost

The cost of living is not limited to accommodation, there are other expenses which you have to keep in mind such as food, travel, utility bills, and entertainment. These are equally as important to sustain a living. As an international student, these are the living cost you need to take care of.

  • Food- If you are consuming three meals in an average restaurant the cost will be around EUR 30-50. If you cook your own meal, then monthly groceries will cost you around EUR 250-350.
  • Travel- Transportation costs can be avoided if you stay at the university campus. If you stay outside the campus, you can still travel for cheap by getting a monthly bus pass which will cost around EUR 50-55. 
  • Utility Bills- Electricity, gas, water, laundry, etc. are some of the monthly expenses to keep in mind as an international student. The utilities on average will cost you EUR 550-1000 per month. The internet charges for one month will be approximately EUR 50 - 60 per month.
  • Other Expenses- Some additional expenses such as your stationery, medical insurance, outings, social activities, etc. will cost around EUR 200-300 per month. 

Scholarships and Financial Support

Now that we have discussed all the expenses to be incurred, let’s also take a look at the cost which you can save. You can receive some financial support through scholarships in Ireland which are offered by the Irish government as well as private universities. 

Here are some of the popular scholarships you can apply for:

  • The Walsh Fellowship,
  • The Government of Ireland International Scholarship,
  • Fullbright Scholarship,
  • Government of Ireland Post Graduation Scholarship, and many more.

Part-time Jobs

Besides getting a scholarship another great way to support yourself is by taking up a part-time job. Some of the most popular job choices for international students are.

  • Research Assistant
  • Translator
  • Demonstrator at University
  • Tutor
  • Barista

That was the complete breakdown of the cost of studying in Ireland. You can connect with KC Overseas Education Consultants to get an accurate cost of education in Ireland as per your university and program. We can also assist you with getting admission and a scholarship at a top university as per your course and program preferences. Beyond this, we can provide you guidance for the entire admission, accommodation, and visa process to ensure you have a smooth study abroad journey.  

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