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A Guide to Find the Best Student Accommodations in Canada

Jul 15, 2023

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As an international student, the first thing you would want to know is your accommodation option so you can settle in the new place with ease. Finding accommodation should be a priority for you before you start your education in a foreign country. 

There are many Canadian Universities that offer good accommodations to their students as well as provide recommendations to the students regarding the same off-campus. However, the place might not necessarily meet your budget or requirements. Therefore, we are here to guide you to find accommodation that will suit your needs while meeting your budget requirements.

So, if you want to know how to study in Canada while living in an ideal residence for international students keep on reading this article.

Housing Options in Canada

There are plenty of options to stay in Canada so you don’t have to restrict yourself to whatever is being offered. You can choose to find a place that is best suited for your comfort and ease, you will be staying here for long so might as well make it feel like home. You can choose whether you want to stay at the campus, or off the campus in a different area of the city. 


Many of the universities have accommodations available in the form of dormitories, residences, and townhouses. These residences are great for students who are going to stay at the university for 1 or 2 semesters only. It is more convenient than finding a place of your own and these residences are furnished with a bed, study desk, and shelves for a wardrobe. 

In most cases the meal plan is also included with the residence, if not, you can opt for it at a minimal additional cost. The cost of education in Canada is on the higher side, so it is ideal to live on campus for students who are looking to spend less on accommodation.

Residence Room Options

Now, there is not just one way to live on campus in a dormitory, you can choose to either live in a single or shared space. The shared space option will be comparatively low in cost than the single residence. In both the residences, however, you will have access to the following:

  • A room,
  • A shared bathroom,
  • A shared kitchen,
  • Laundry facilities,
  • And in most cases Wi-Fi.

In some universities, you can live in an apartment with other students which also includes its own kitchen and bathroom.

Advantages of living on campus

There are many benefits to living on campus such as:

  • Ease of access to campus and library
  • No need for transport to visit the campus
  • More chances for student interaction and developing friendships
  • Smoother transition to living in a different country as you don’t have to worry much about house chores so you can focus more on your program and other university-related activities.

Cost of Living On-Campus

Depending on your university the cost of accommodation on campus can vary from CAD 4000 to 8000 per year.


Undoubtedly education in Canada is the best, however, there’s more to the country than the campus life. Living off-campus gives you a chance to better explore the city outside of your comfort zone. Depending on the location of your university, you can also find many off-campus housing options. These may be slightly higher in cost as you have to pay for all the other utilities along with the rent. However, you will have more personal space and freedom at an independent housing. 

Advantages of Living Off Campus

Some of the benefits of living away from the campus are:

  • You can choose the area you live in and get more chances of exploring Canada outside the campus,
  • You will get an immersive experience of integrated living in the Canadian society,
  • You have the freedom to choose who you will live with and you will get more independence. 

Finding Private Housing

Finding private housing is not much difficult in Canada. You can get the help of your university itself to suggest you some accommodation options. Most universities have a student’s union that is a good source of information regarding the same. They will offer you the listing of private housing for students near the campus. Another way to find accommodation is through local newspapers where you will find ample living options.

Cost of Living Off-Campus

Different cities and housing options have different rents. Therefore, your cost of off-campus can widely vary depending on your location and place of stay. On an average, you can expect the cost to be CAD 400-800 per month for a room, CAD 900-2000 per month for an apartment at a high-rise building, and for larger cities like Vancouver and Toronto, you can expect a monthly rent of CAD 900-3000.

It does not have to be a tedious task at all for you to find accommodation in Canada, and to ensure that you go through this process with utmost ease we will be glad to guide you in every step on the way. 

Reach out to KC Overseas to help you find the best places to study in and assist you through the complete process of your admission right till helping you choose your accommodation and ensuring a smooth onboarding process.

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