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Dalhousie University, Canada: Top Rankings, Courses, Intakes, Student Life & More

Jun 29, 2024

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The dream of pursuing higher education in Canada ignites a spark in many international students. In a nation renowned for its top-ranked education system, its universities perfectly balance rigorous academic pursuit, practical application of knowledge, and a commitment to developing well-rounded graduates prepared for the ever-evolving world. Among the many popular Universities, Dalhousie University is a powerhouse of educational excellence within this esteemed landscape. 

This leading Canadian University cultivates a dynamic and intellectually stimulating environment, empowering students to excel academically and leave a lasting impact on their communities and the world. This comprehensive article will unveil distinctive qualities that make Dalhousie a compelling choice for international students. 

Keep reading to find out why Dalhousie University is the ideal foundation for your academic and career aspirations. 

Table of Content

  1. About Dalhousie University
  2. Rankings and Reputation
  3. Top Courses to Lookout for at Dalhousie University
  4. Available Intakes
  5. Eligibility Criteria for International Students
  6. Cost to Study at Dalhousie University
  7. Scholarships Offered to International Students 
  8. Student Life at Dalhousie University
  9. Placement Assistance for Graduates
  10. FAQs

About Dalhousie University

A large public university in Nova Scotia, Canada, Dalhousie University is on the country's East Coast. This research-intensive University has two campuses, the first in Halifax and an Agricultural Campus in Truro. 

Every year, this University welcomes over 21,000 students from the nation and 115+ countries around the world. To cater to the requirements of national and international students, it offers 200+ flexible degree programs in Masters, Bachelors and Professional Faculties. Furthermore, Dalhousie is a member of the U15, a group of research-intensive universities in Canada, demonstrating its excellence in the research community.

Here are other notable features of Dalhousie University that are worth exploring:

  • Among the Entire Student Population, over 23% are International Students, making Dalhousie a Multicultural University.
  • The University has over 56 Canada Research Chairs, more than any University in Atlantic Canada.
  • Annual Funds for Research Administered at Dalhousie are more than CAD 210 million.
  • It invests around CAD 40 million annually in Bursaries, Scholarships and Student Jobs.
  • It has welcomed over 94 Rhode Scholars. 
  • Dalhousie University boasts more than 6,000 Faculty and Staff with an 18:1 Student-Faculty Ratio, considered the Lowest Ratio in Canada.
  • The University offers over 90 Exchange and Study Abroad Opportunities in more than 43 Countries.
  • The University has a Gold Rating in Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System 2024.
  • There are More than 155,000+ Dalhousie Graduates in the World.

With its well-established reputation for academic excellence, Dalhousie University has consistently earned recognition among the list of top universities in Canada through various national and international ranking systems. 

Rankings and Reputation

Dalhousie University has secured its status in various ranking systems. Its top position in domestic and international rankings demonstrates its global achievement. Some of the prominent rankings are listed below: 

  • Maclean's University Rankings: Ranked #12 in Canada's Best Universities by Reputation Rankings 2024.
  • Webometrics Rankings: Ranked #243 in World University Rankings of 2024.
  • QS World University Rankings: Ranked #275 Internationally in 2025. Placed at #12 in Canada and #109 in the Sustainability Rankings of 2024.
  • Times Higher Education Rankings: Positioned between #301-360 in World University Rankings, #14 in Canada, and among the Top 65 in Impact Rankings of 2024.
  • Shanghai Rankings: Ranked between #12-17 in Canada and among the top 400 Global Universities in 2023.

Having explored the factors that influence Dalhousie's rankings and reputation, let's delve into some of its most sought-after courses.

Top Courses to Lookout for at Dalhousie University

This section delves into some of the most distinguished and sought-after programs offered at Dalhousie. Designed to cater to diverse academic ambitions, these programs equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary for thriving in your chosen field.

For Masters

  • Master of Engineering (MEng)- Industrial Engineering/ Chemical Engineering/ Biological Engineering
  • Master of Engineering in Internetworking
  • Master of Applied Computer Science
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Corporate Residency Pathway
  • Master of Resource & Environmental Management 
  • Master of Health Administration
  • Master of Development Economics

For Bachelors

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Co-op) 
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Co-op)  
  • Bachelor of Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Agriculture 
  • Bachelor of Technology in Landscape Architecture 
  • Bachelor of Community Design 
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Co-op) 
  • Bachelor of Arts 

Once you've identified your ideal course from our top picks, the next crucial step is understanding the available intakes. This section will help you plan your enrollment effectively.

Available Intakes

There are two intakes available at Dalhousie University- September and January. However, most programs are available in September intake, making it the primary option.

With a clear understanding of the intakes, you can determine the start date that best suits your needs to study in Canada’s Dalhousie University. However, we recommend you visit the University's official website to see which one is available for your chosen course. 

Moving on, let us understand the academic and English language requirements at Dalhousie for Masters and Bachelor’s level of study.

Eligibility Criteria for International Students

Admission requirements vary according to the program you opt for. However, we have provided below the general admission requirements for both Masters and Bachelors.

For Masters

  • Academic Requirement
    A Four-Year Bachelor’s Degree with a Minimum of 70% or Higher in a Relevant Field from a Recognized University. 
  • English Language Requirement 
    • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) – Minimum acceptable overall score: 7.0 
    • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) – Minimum acceptable overall score: 92 
    • Pearson Test of English (PTE) – Academic – Overall score of 65 and nothing below 54 

For Bachelors

  • Academic Requirement
    Completion of Grade 12 with 70-75% and above. English and Math are Mandatory, along with three additional Academic Subjects.
  • English Language Requirement 
    • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) – Overall 6.5 with no individual band less than 6.0 
    • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) – Overall 90 with sub-band scores of 20 minimum 
    • Pearson Test of English (PTE) – Academic – Overall 61 with Communicative skills scores of 50 
    • Duolingo English Test- Overall 115 with no individual sub-score less than 95

Beyond these requirements, there may be additional requisites that vary according to the chosen course and its academic level.

Additional Requirements

  • Academic Reference Letters
  • An Application Essay and Updated CV.
  • Professional Reference Letters (Optional)
  • For Applicants who Graduated more than five years ago, at least one Academic Reference is strongly encouraged.

Before applying at Dalhousie, ensure you fit in with the admission criteria and have all the required documents. In the next section, we'll explore the tuition fees at this leading University.

Cost to Study at Dalhousie University

The precise cost of study at the Masters and Bachelors level depends upon the course option you opt for. However, as an international student, you may expect to pay tentative tuition fees:

  • For Masters between CAD 16,261 and CAD 46,467 per annum 
  • For Bachelors between CAD 25,950 and CAD 43,248 per annum.

Understanding financial investment is crucial, especially when planning overseas education. However, in overall cost of education in Canada, apart from tuition fees, there are other significant expenditures, such as living, that differ according to lifestyle preferences. So, ensure that you analyze the living expenses as well. 

Having understood the cost let us now explore the scholarships this University offers to deserving students.

Scholarships Offered to International Students 

We understand that financial considerations are essential in pursuing an international education. However, Dalhousie University is committed to fostering accessibility through diverse scholarship programs.

Popular Scholarships for Masters

Find below some popular scholarships available at the Masters level:

1. Killam Predoctoral Scholarship Level 1 

  • Scholarship Type: Merit-Based
  • Scholarship Value: Up to CAD 42,000 annually for up to two years. Additionally, CAD 2,500 towards International Tuition Fees and Relocation Allowance (only if applicable)
  • Application Deadline: Applications for the 2025 intake will open soon
  • Description: Awards are accessible to International as well as Canadian Students. This scholarship is open for students commencing their master's studies.  

2. Abdul Majid Bader Graduate Scholarship

  • Scholarship Type: Merit-Based
  • Scholarship Value: CAD 40,000 for up to two years
  • Application Deadline: Applications for the 2025 intake will open soon
  • Description: This Scholarship is available to Iranian and Other International Students. It is Renewable and Subject to an Annual Progress Review. 

3. Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarship

  • Scholarship Type: Merit-Based
  • Scholarship Value: CAD 10,000 per year for up to two years
  • Application Deadline: Applications for the 2025 intake will open soon
  • Description: To apply for this Scholarship, a student must be enrolled in a Thesis-Based Masters Program

4. Harold A Robertson Scholarship in Parkinson's Research

  • Scholarship Type: Merit-Based
  • Scholarship Value: CAD 5,000 per year
  • Application Deadline: October 31 (Every Year)
  • Description: Applicant must demonstrate a Strong Academic Background and should be involved in Impactful Research mainly focusing on Parkinson's Disease

5. A.S. Mowat Prize

  • Scholarship Type: Merit-Based
  • Scholarship Value: CAD 1,500
  • Application Deadline: February 1 (Every Year)
  • Description: It is available to both International and Domestic Students. They must be enrolled in the First Year of the Master's Program to avail themselves of this Scholarship.

Dalhousie University acknowledges the hard work of students at all academic levels. That is why, apart from Masters, you will find numerous scholarships available for students planning to apply for a Bachelor's Degree.

Popular Scholarships for Bachelors

Now, it is time to unveil the popular scholarships offered at Bachelors level:

1. Dalhousie University Entrance Awards and Donor-Funded Entrance Awards 

  • Scholarship Type: Merit-Based
  • Scholarship Value: Varies from CAD 500 to CAD 48,000 for up to 4 Years.
  • Application Deadline: Applications for the 2025 intake will open soon.
  • Description: This Scholarship is a Hybrid Award and is given to students depending on their Academic Achievements, Leadership, Community Involvement or Financial Need.

2. CorpFinance International Limited (Kevin Andrews) Indian Scholarship

  • Scholarship Type: Merit-Based
  • Scholarship Value: CAD 15,000
  • Application Deadline: Applications for the 2025 intake will open soon
  • Description: As the name indicates, this scholarship is open for Indian Students entering the Bachelor of Commerce Programs with an excellent Academic standing.

3. Entrance Awards Scholarship

  • Scholarship Type: Merit-Based
  • Scholarship Value: Up to CAD 12,000 Per Year for 4 Years.
  • Application Deadline: Applications for the 2025 intake will open soon
  • Description: To apply for this Scholarship, a student needs at least 80% Admission Average or 26 predicted IB Diploma Points. 

These are just a few popular options; you can visit the University's official website for a detailed list of all the scholarships Dalhousie offers to international students. 

Now that you've learned about the top scholarships, it's time to discover the vibrant student life that awaits you on campus!

Student Life at Dalhousie University

This section delves into the multifaceted student experience at Dalhousie University, highlighting the opportunities for personal and professional development available outside the classroom. Whether it's joining a Sports Club or becoming a Volunteer, there are multiple resources to make the most of your student life. Some of them are mentioned below: 


  • Academic Support: Provide guidance on program requirements for a degree. Also, it hosts numerous workshops that equip students with better learning and writing skills.  
  • International Student Support: Access to the international support centre is available to those planning to study at Dalhousie University as an international student. 
  • Accommodation: Dalhousie University offers 2,660 student housing spaces in numerous residences and assists in on-campus and off-campus living.
  • Campus Communities: The multicultural campus community welcomes all students from diverse backgrounds. In addition, students are offered all the resources and support services aligned with the communities at Dalhousie. Also, students can choose from more than 250 clubs and societies.
  • Health Support: Students can access a health professional or a personal counselor for healthy living. Gyms and other health and wellness services are also available for seamless academic tenure.
  • Safety on Campus: Dalhousie ensures total security with Dalhousie Security Services, DalSAFE App, Human Rights & Equity Services, and more. 
  • Entertainment: For both Domestic and International Students, plenty of leisure activities exist on campus and around the city.

Equipped with the knowledge and experience gained from a vibrant student life at Dalhousie, graduates can then leverage the University's exceptional placement assistance program to launch successful careers. 

Placement Assistance for Graduates

At Dalhousie, the Bissett Student Success Centre in Halifax assists students in finding their ideal jobs and advancing their careers. Along with Online Resources like resume making, interview guides, and more, they incorporate many ways to assist students in developing their skills, as you can see below: 

  • Career & Leadership: Bisset Student Success Center hosts numerous Events and Workshops to help students develop Interpersonal and Professional skills.
  • Career Advising: The Career Advising Advisor at the University is always available to offer Advice, Support and Coaching to Enrolled Students.
  • Career Counselling: This is a confidential and collaborative process in which students are provided with a Career Counselor who assists them in making decisions related to Education and Careers.
  • Peer Advising: Peer advisors are also available to assist students in finding the right Job throughout the Application Process.

With a proven track record and dedicated support, Dalhousie's placement assistance program positions graduates for success in a competitive job market.

Dalhousie University ignites the passions of ambitious minds seeking more than just an education. Here, you'll delve into rigorous academics alongside a vibrant international community, fostering lifelong connections and a broadened worldview. But Dalhousie goes beyond textbooks, it offers numerous opportunities to grow in your chosen study field. 

Imagine graduating not only with a respected degree but also with the practical skills gained through hands-on learning opportunities. Dalhousie's commitment to experiential learning ensures you'll be job-ready and stand out in a competitive global market.

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So, if you need end-to-end assistance in securing admission at Dalhousie Universitythen approach the nearest branch office of KC Overseas today and get started with the application process for the forthcoming intakes!


1. What is the required GPA to get admission into Dalhousie University?

Dalhousie University's GPA requirement is 3.0 on a scale of 4.0.

2. What is the Application Fee at Dalhousie University?

The application fee for bachelors courses is 70 CAD and for masters courses is CAD 115.

3. How do I Apply for Residence at Dalhousie University?

Choosing residence life at Dalhousie is easy. You need to complete the online Residence application. There is a $50 residence application fee payable for the online application.

4. What Specializations Can I opt for in the Bachelor of Management Course at Dalhousie?

After completing the foundation, you can major in or earn a certificate in Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Organizations, Data and Information Management, Public Sector Management, Marketing, Environment, Sustainability, and Society, to concentrate on a specific area of management.

5. How can I Pay my Tuition Fees from India?

You can do International payments through Convera, which was previously known as Western Union Business Solutions.  The preferred, fast and reliable service allows students to pay in their local currency using a range of local online payment options or bank transfers. 

6. How do I Qualify to do Co-op?

You must achieve an engineering GPA of 2.3 and complete all required courses in your first two years of studies to be admitted to Co-op and must maintain a 2.3 CGPA to continue in the Co-op program.

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