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Top 4 Countries to Study Biotechnology

May 23, 2023

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Biotechnology is a field of research-based study combining engineering, chemistry, genetics, biochemistry and microbiology. Biochemists investigate the chemical composition of living things and biological functions like cell division, growth, heredity and diseases. While working on research projects, biotechnologists typically separate, examine, and manufacture proteins, lipids (fats), DNA, carbohydrates (sugars) and other compounds. Biotechnology is a branch of human technology that introduces new procedures and products for use in business, health, agriculture, and other fields. Biotechnology is one of the fastest growing industries. 

Students who wish to study abroad to pursue their graduation and post-graduation degrees in biotechnology may find it difficult to select a country and university most suitable for them. Now, to help their cause and make their life easier; here is a list of countries where studying biotechnology can be a good idea. 

Table of Content:-

  1. Biotechnology specialisations that students can pursue
  2. Career Opportunities in Biotechnology
  3. Estimated salary/remuneration for graduates in biotechnology
  4. Best countries to study Biotechnology

Biotechnology specialisations that students can pursue:

At the undergraduate level, students can pursue the BSc and other degrees in biotechnology available at various universities. For master's courses, there are MSc and MMB programs in biotechnology. You can also pursue your PhD and MPhil in biotechnology after finishing your master's programme. 

Career Opportunities in Biotechnology:

Having a bachelor's or master's degree in biotechnology opens up many opportunities for aspirants. With this degree, one could work as a clinical technician, microbiologist, clinical researcher, lab scientist, patent attorney, etc. The following is a list of some of the career options one can choose from by pursuing a career in biotechnology: 

·        Bio-Manufacturing Specialists 

·        Biochemist 

·        Biotechnologist Plant breeder 

·        Bioanalytical chemist 

·        R&D scientist 

·        Pharmaceutical representative 

·        Research development officer 

·        Medical Scientist 

·        Biomedical Engineer 

·        Biomedical Equipment Technician  

·        Biostatisticians 

·        Clinical Research Managers 

·        Medical Technology Developer 

·        Genetic Counsellor 

·        Environmental Technician 

·        Cell Culture Technician 

Estimated salary/remuneration for graduates in biotechnology:

The pay scale reports indicate that the typical annual pay for biotechnology graduates is about $82,000. The average pay for various positions is listed below: 

·        About $54,000 to $120,000 for research scientists. 

·        About $80,000 to $140 000 for a senior research scientist. 

·        About $91,000 to $156,000 for chief scientists. 

Best countries to study Biotechnology:

It is crucial to carefully consider the country from which you want to pursue your degree in biotechnology because you will be living there for a considerable period. So, here are the top four countries for higher education abroad in biotechnology.

United States of America 

The USA is regarded as one of the best countries to study biotechnology. There are several biotechnology programs offered in the USA, including Professional Science Masters (PSM) in Biotechnology, Master of Science (MS) in Biotechnology, and Master of Arts (MA) in Biotechnology.

Following are some of the best universities to study biotechnology from – 

1.     Harvard University

Harvard University provides a dual master’s program in Biotechnology: Life Sciences, instead of a conventional master's programme. Additionally, a collaboration between Harvard Business School, Harvard Medical School, and The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences has led to the development of the MS/MBA degree. Additionally, for the master’s program in biotechnology, the average tuition fees is nearly about $84,455 per annum. 

2.     Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

The MIT biotechnology courses give students an understanding of ailments, science, and technology about businesses that are focused on biotechnology. It gives candidates the knowledge they need to generate business plans and financing schemes that will support the growth of clinical development and drug discovery in industries. Also, to reduce the danger of financial loss and to assure more efficient business development, candidates are taught and guided to utilise financial knowledge and techniques including securitization, derivatives, and portfolio theory in the context of biomedical innovation. 

3.     Stanford University 

Stanford University provides students with a range of opportunities and resources through initiatives like Bio-X and Bio-design, among other biotechnology courses. 

In addition to physical sciences, engineering, and statistics, these Masters in Bioengineering courses include a strong emphasis on cutting-edge research and ethical theories. Students study topics like Clinical Needs & Technology, Diagnostics Equipment, Conduct of Research, and others. 

United Kingdom 

Biotechnology in the UK offers a solid foundation for pursuing a career in any field of science. There are about 80 biotechnology colleges in the UK, and 15 of them are ranked best in the QS Global Ranking for 2022. Biotechnology modules in the UK include biotechnology and management, environmental biotechnology, food biotechnology, pharmaceutical science, biological chemistry, drug discovery, molecular biology, cell biology, proteins and enzymes, genes and genomics, protein structure and function, immunology and biochemical and chemical engineering. Additionally, combined industrial placement programs are common in the UK for biotechnology courses. 

The following are a few of the top universities in the UK: 

1.     University of Oxford 
Students pursuing the course of biomedical science at Oxford University will initially develop a comprehensive understanding of the field, enabling them to focus their further research work on the subjects that most interest them. This programme includes practical laboratory work, and to learn the techniques taught, students are required to complete these practical tasks assigned to a satisfactory level. The emphasis on scientific research grows throughout the course as students get more hands-on experience with laboratory research in its later stages. 

2.     Imperial College London 
The biotechnology courses offered at Imperial College London address all areas of the applied biochemistry and biotechnology industries, including commercialising technology, entrepreneurship, and intellectual property and patents, with lectures and case studies from corporate executives and academics. For the first two years, every student studying biotechnology and biochemistry completes the same core courses, which include biological chemistry, molecular biology, integrative cell biology, and genes and genomics. This gives you a strong foundation in the fundamental subjects and gets you ready for more in-depth study.

3.     University of Edinburgh 
Biotechnology is one of 12 distinct biological science courses offered by the University of Edinburgh. In addition to integrating essential computational, practical, and analytical abilities, these courses offer a comprehensive background of biological knowledge to help students get ready for the future. Students master essential laboratory procedures and study modern biology subjects which span the spectrum of the biological sciences. 


There is a lot of emphasis on research in Australia making it one of the most appropriate options to pursue Biotechnology as it stands out to be a very appealing choice for international students.  Australian Universities are well known for their training, teaching and research performance by being major contributors to the sector with impressive resources and technology. The Strong Foundation in Research, World-Class Education, Culturally Diverse Community and Ample Work and Fellowship Opportunities makes it an alluring overseas destination for Biotechnology with studying and living costs being significantly lower than the UK and the USA.

The following are a few of the top universities in Australia: 

1.     University of Melbourne
Master of Biotechnology holds a high demand in Australia and the University of Melbourne bags the title of the most popular university for Biotechnology. It is the 2nd oldest university with creative, critical and innovative research centres, well-analysed academic units and up-to-date infrastructure. The course is offered for a duration of 2 years full-time program focusing on the development of new products, processes and services through technology, medical science and biomedical fields to enhance food, human technology, agribusiness and health.

2.     University of Queensland
Situated in Brisbane since 1909 this public university – The University of Queensland is known for Biotechnology courses. Highly renowned for the research carried out in the university, it is ranked 2nd in Australia for remarkable initiatives and exceptional quality in research projects. Bioinformatics, Protein Technology, Laboratory Experiences and Molecular Biology are the core focus areas highlighted by The University of Queensland. The course duration is 2 to 3 years here.

3.     University of Adelaide
Known as the highest-quality deliverer in terms of course content, this 3rd oldest university of Australia – The University of Adelaide is best for Biotechnology. At the forefront of imparting great advancements and distinct research technologies a good number of international students are concentrated at The University of Adelaide. Antibiotics, Genetic Modifications, Vaccines, and Hormone Production are intricately focused at this university. By studying here, international students can get an opportunity to meet, learn and work with eminent medical faculty, scholars and industry leaders through experimenting exposure and practical sessions.


Denmark is popular throughout the world for its top-notch courses in subjects including engineering, life sciences, social sciences, and information technology. Moreover, Danish higher education institutions provide a variety of biotechnology courses for international students. The top universities in Denmark where you can study biotechnology are listed below. 

1.     University of Copenhagen 
The University of Copenhagen provides several advanced biotechnology courses. Students at the University of Copenhagen's Biology-Biotechnology programme typically study biotechnological issues relating to health and diseases in humans, animals, and plants beyond conventional boundaries. 

2.     Technical University of Denmark 
In terms of master's and other postgraduate programmes, Technical University of Denmark is one of the renowned universities in Denmark. You can learn the fundamentals of biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, and process technology with the International Programme in Biotechnology at Technical University of Denmark. Students who complete the Technical University of Denmark's International Programme in Biotechnology will be qualified for positions in education, research, development, management, and production in the biotechnological, food, and medical industries.  

3.     Aarhus University 
The biotechnology degree program at Aarhus University has a strong emphasis on the creation and optimisation of processes in the chemical, biotechnological, and environmental sectors. You will be in charge of employing efficient processes for the future, ensuring that environmental, chemical, and biotechnological knowledge meets practical implementations, which can contribute to the betterment of society as a whole. 

Parting words 

Biotechnology, often known as biotech, is a science that harnesses biology and living things to introduce new products and technologies. So, when you decide to study abroad, you need to have access to advanced facilities and modern courses to be best prepared for the professional life ahead. Now, if you are struggling to identify which country is the best for you, then let us at KC Overseas, the best study abroad consultants in India help you in this process. The experts here will guide you and help you find the university that suits your requirements.

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