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Work Visas for Spouses of International Students pursuing Green List Occupation studies in New Zealand

Jun 29, 2024

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Great News for international students planning to study in New Zealand! 

To enhance the study experience of international students, the New Zealand Government has announced significant updates to the work rights for spouses of students. This exciting development is part of New Zealand's ongoing commitment to support international education and make it more appealing for students worldwide.

Working towards this, the New Zealand Government has expanded eligibility for work visas for partners of students pursuing qualifications that lead to a Green List occupation. This change is applicable for partners of students studying Level 7 or 8 Bachelor’s Qualifications leading to registration listed on the Green List. Such spouses can now apply for a work visa with open conditions. This means they can work for any employer in New Zealand, giving spouses of international students the flexibility to find employment that suits their skills and career goals.

Furthermore, the Green List has been updated to include bachelor’s degrees and bachelor’s honours qualifications that lead to registration for selected occupations. Instead of New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) qualifications, these occupations have registration as a requirement. Therefore, students with visas for these registration qualifications can now support their partner's application for a ‘Partner of a Student Work Visa’.

Aspirants can check the updated Green List on the New Zealand Government’s Immigration Website to be fully informed about the specific courses and degrees that are being considered under this category.

Apart from enhanced spouse rights, the New Zealand Government has also introduced new measures for dependent children. Dependent school-aged children of eligible partners will be considered as domestic students. This means that children can apply for a Dependent Child Student Visa, exempting them from paying tuition fees for school. This benefit applies to everyone with a Partner of a Student Work Visa, significantly easing the financial burden on families.

The chance to bring family along while pursuing higher education makes New Zealand an even more appealing study destination. Those pursuing Level 7 or 8 Bachelor’s Qualifications listed on the Green List can focus on their studies knowing that their partners have the opportunity to work, and their children can receive quality education without the extra cost of international tuition fees.

So those with a family looking forward to gaining an international education for better career prospects can now consider New Zealand to be their study destination. 

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