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Everything you Need to Know About Fall Intake in USA: 2023

Dec 06, 2022

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International students frequently choose the United States of America as a destination for their higher education because of the excellent quality of education and the research facilities the US universities provide. 

The various research, academic, and part-time programs available, covering virtually every imaginable field and subfield, also contribute to the nation’s reputation as a premier educational destination. As such the US is no doubt the most sought-after destination for higher studies abroad among international students.

US colleges and universities have recently announced their application due dates for Fall 2023 Intake.

If you are also looking for higher education in the US in the next academic year, then you have landed on the right article. Let’s check out further required details regarding this intake.


What Does the Fall Intake Mean? 

The US universities accept new student applications for the upcoming academic year, from September to December, a period known as "Fall Intake”. This is the biggest intake of the two, Fall and Spring. 

The Fall Intake brings a chance for international students to submit their applications and get accepted into universities that will carve them into an asset for society. This Intake offers a wide variety of courses and a huge amount of financial aid for Study Abroad Aspirants.

Intake  Starts From Duration
Fall Intake (Primary/Major intake)Late August or SeptemberSeptember - December/early January
Spring Intake (Secondary Intake)JanuaryJanuary - May
Summer IntakeMayMay-August


The Advantages of Applying for Fall Intake in the United States

  • Since the new academic year for education in the USA begins around this time, you can start building relationships and applying for scholarships that will serve you well throughout your time in the university.
  • The fact that all U.S. colleges offer all degrees during Fall intake is another reason why it is the preferred time of year for students to enroll.
  • The biggest perk of starting college in the Fall in the United States is the plethora of on-campus jobs available due to the influx of new students.
  • Those who join the student body in the Fall have the best shot of finding an internship that fits their interests. You'll be able to show proof that you've been in school for at least nine months.
  • Since the start of the academic year coincides with the Fall intake, you'll have plenty of opportunities to try out many extracurricular options.
  • You have a better shot at getting into a prestigious American university if you apply during the Fall intake when the number of students enrolling is significantly higher as compared to the spring and summer intakes.
  • Because most Masters in USA Programs semesters finish in late August or early September, entering in the Fall is your best bet. To avoid spending any time beginning your master's degree.


Universities Offering a Fall Intake

University of Arizona
Arizona State University
(INTO) UMass Amherst
University of California Riverside
University of Cincinnati
George Mason University
The University of Illinois at Chicago
University of Maryland Baltimore County
New Jersey Institute of Technology
San Jose State University


Application Deadline 

To apply for the upcoming Fall Intake in the United States, you must begin the process one full year in advance. This means that you should start preparing for your intended course of Fall Intake 2023 in 2022 itself if you wish to apply. Since you now have a lot to accomplish, you might need all the remaining of the year to get ready. From the time the application process starts, it takes nearly 6 to 12 months for you to take your first step into your dream university.

Here, we'll outline the requirements and schedule for applying to an MS program in the United States starting in the Fall.



You need to submit the academic documents required for the USA Fall intake application. These include Marksheets categorized as per semester, diploma (or provisional certificate if you haven't received your official certification yet), transcripts etc.


Academic Transcripts

Transcripts must be issued directly from the college or university you attended. After being signed and sealed by your school's registrar, you should have it scanned for your records.

You can find out more about a school's requirements for submitting or uploading transcripts on the school's official website. Some US colleges demand that you provide World Education Services evaluations of your transcripts or mark sheets to be considered for admission to their Master's programs.

Many aspirants wait until their senior year to begin the application process. Therefore, you will need to mention that you only have transcripts for the first two (or three) years of your program and that you will submit the final year mark sheets when you enroll in the institution the following year.



You'll need to list two or three references in your application. Your recommenders can be anyone from teachers to Academic professors and alumni, mainly someone from academic and professional. For students who haven't had any jobs or internships yet, the only people who can write recommendations on their behalf are teachers.

Note that one of these recommendations should come from a manager or team lead if you're a working professional. It may take some time to gather recommendations, so be sure to plan and have them available long before the Fall admissions period begins in late August.


Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Written to the admissions committee, a Statement of Purpose (SOP), also known as a research statement or a letter of intent, explain your career path, interests, professional accomplishments, ambitions, and rationale for pursuing a particular degree.


Other Documents

Your passport, CV, and other relevant documents will also be required. Any required materials will be listed on the course page on the university's website. Carefully review the necessary paperwork and have it on hand by July's end.


The US Fall Application Process

If you're all set to enroll in the US for the upcoming Fall semester, you should start the application process by meeting the entrance standards and completing the necessary stages.

  • Research those above, and other higher education possibilities, and decide on a program of study, tuition rate, payment method, etc.
  • Take exams such as IELTS & TOEFL (English Proficiency Tests) and GRE, GMAT, SAT, ACT Coaching, PTE, DET, etc. (Standardized Tests), as necessary to meet university entry criteria.
  • Include a statement of purpose (SOP), letters of recommendation (LOR), and SAT/GMAT/ACT/GRE scores, among other documents, when applying to colleges.
  • Universities may also accept a conditional acceptance letter if a student misses a required exam score.
  • You can apply for an F1-student visa after you've been accepted to a school by submitting your passport, proof of identity, application fee receipt, photo, and other documents.


Tips for Students Applying for Fall Intake in the USA

Here are some suggestions to consider when you fill out your applications for Fall enrollment at U.S. universities:

  • Create a spreadsheet in Excel with the names of all your schools and the columns for other relevant data. Include facts such as the name of the program, the link to the course description, the deadline, the cost of tuition and fees, the estimated cost of living, any essay questions, the application URL, your login information, and so on.
  • Keeping to a schedule is another good strategy to keep yourself organized, especially when studying for tests. You'll be able to devote sufficient time to learning while also engaging in your usual pursuits.
  • The months you've been given are from the year before yours. If you want to begin your master's degree in the United States in the Fall of 2023, you should start this procedure in the equivalent months of 2022. 

The process of applying for overseas education can be time-consuming and complicated. You must be patient and watch your step while completing the admissions procedure. If you want the process to be seamless and stress-free then KC Overseas Education will be the right place for you. Being one of the top Edtech companies in India, our expert team will assist you in your course and university selection, application and admission process, overseas education loan and visa process until you have successfully stepped into your dream university. 


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